Pay with an MA?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by ski_man, Oct 19, 2009.

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  1. Firstly, as a long time reader but first time poster I feel I should thank everyone for their regular posting which greatly assisted me throughout the AOSB process that I completed on Friday.

    However, my question is rather specific. After exhausting the Army website and searching past forums on ARSSE, I feel justified to ask if anyone knows whether or not having an MA will have an impact upon pay on arrival at RMAS.

    Thanks for the pending assistance :)
  2. There is a pay scale here clicky

    If I'm not mistaken graduates get paid as a 2nd Lt whilst at sandhurst and then as a lt when they commission?

    There is according to the pay scale only one level at 2nd Lt so I can't see how you would be paid any more than someone with just a BA.

    Make any sense? Could be wrong but it seems logical.
  3. HH_2,

    Thanks for the response, the pay scale you linked is indeed the one that I was also looking at.

    Totally agree that there is nothing to suggest that an MA makes a difference, but I have been informed of an apparent 6 month pay seniority. Obviously interested to find out if this is the case, and if so when it kicks ie at RMAS or upon commissioning.

    Thanks again,

  4. No you'll get paid the same as any graduate does when your there, the 6 month pay seniority is for when you've passed out
  5. Auchinleck,

    Thanks for clearing that up, exactly the info that I was after and brings an end to the thread.


  6. Just to be clear - as the holder of a degree and Masters I understood I would be paid 3.5 years seniority after Commissioning, am I correct?
  7. If you do a 4 year degree (I did, not a masters though), you get 3.5 years seniority. This means that your annual increment (which marks the anniversary of your commission) will be 6 months ahead of your 3 year degree peers.

    I commissioned in Jan, my annual increment is may, my buddies from YOs in Jan.

    You get paid the annual increment 6 months quicker (you get an increment once in the year for anniversary of commission - seniority - and once for inflation). As the increment is inevitably about £500 a year (check pay scale difference between Lt scale 1 and Lt scale 2, 3, 4 etc), the difference you will see is minimal after tax.

    It makes no difference at Sandhurst (I think), where it is just Grad or NOn-grad scales, with adjustments made to guys who come from the ranks at something like 1 day seniority for every 2 of previous service.

    Alles Klar? Thought not...
  8. I went to RMAS with both a BSc and MSc. I hold exactly the same seniority and get my increase in pay increment exactly the same time as my graduate peers. I was lead to understand that the extra 6 months seniority is only awarded to officers who did a four year initial degree (BA/BSc). I believe that the logic is that doing a 4 year rather than a 3 year BA/BSc course might not be your choice where as doing a Masters degree clearly is.

    It is also worth noting that unless you are in the top few percent of officers in your peer group and corps, under the LToS scheme the value of an extra 6 months seniority is questionable and could even work against you in some cases, by giving you your first look at the Beige List (for promotion to Major) a year before your peers and therefore a year before you are "ready for it" in career terms.
  9. I did a 4 year degree, but only because I balled up a few modules. I'm pretty sure that won't give me 6 months seniority, but we can all dream.
  10. Yes should have said, extra 6 months of seniority only comes for a degree course which is designed to be 4 years in length.. Sadly the army does not reward you for having too much fun at univeristy by giving you an extra 6 months seniority!!