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Evening all,

And with my first ever post comes a question.... Deep breath, here goes.

My wife and I are both currently serving. I am registered as MARISTAT 1, with 'er indoors being correctly labelled as a 5s. I live in a quarter and pay appropriate accommodation charges etc. in the UK. My wife also serves in the UK as a Special Recruiter. From this you can deduce that we live apart. She is supplied with a flat and pays accommodation charges and receives FIA. Her administrating unit is based in Germany. She was posted there as an E1 special recruiter (Black economy). The unit staff are giving conflicting information as to what allowances if any she is entitled to.

So the $64000 question is; is she entitled to reduced LOA (85% Single) and LSA (as she is serving in the UK)?

I have read the relevant section in JSP 752 and it is about as clear as mud... If the answer is yes or no can someone please quote me the correct paragraphs that apply?

Your help is very much appreciated.


I know of someone who recieves LSA, he is in Private Accom in the UK and his wife (the 1s) has an MSQ overseas, the rule book (JSP 752) does not disallow this as he is seperated from the family home Involsep, in a nutshell, and I have gone through the book time after time, he is entitled as he cannot reasonably be expected to join her for standown periods (weekends etc), as per the book, however, I take it that your spouse can, making you ineligiable to LSA, however, she should be able to get GYH (T) to recompense her for her travel to the MSQ over standown periods, as for LOA, if no one is resident in Germany I believe this makes you ineligiable for Residual LOA, even though she is on strength of a Germany based unit, however, if anyone knows different I will stand corrected. I will look at the Regs and PM you the relevant Chapter and Verse.
Many thanks for you quick reponse. If you can quote me the appropriate chapter then she may be able to claim GYH pay? Nice one!


Extract from JSP 752, note Para 05.0204, Family Home, good luck:





05.0201. Aim. The aim of Get You Home (GYH) Travel is to support and improve retention by reducing the impact of separation on Service personnel and, where applicable, their immediate family. It achieves this by assisting Service personnel, who have the opportunity to return to their Qualifying Residence (QRes), with the costs of their travel where the duty unit and the QRes are within the same Theatre. It is paid as a daily rate.

05.0202. Income Tax and National Insurance Contributions (NICs). In accordance with ITEPA 2003 Section 296 GYH Travel is non-taxable.


05.0203. Theatre Boundaries. Theatre boundaries are defined in Chapter 1 Section 2. Approval has also been given to extend GYH Travel to those serving on mainland UK whose authorised QRes is in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland.

05.0204. Qualifying Residence. The QRes for the purpose of GYH Travel must be one of the following:

a. The Family Home.

b. Privately Maintained Property.

c. Residence at Work Address (RWA), but only in circumstances outlined at paragraphs 05.0210 and 05.0213.

These are as defined in Chapter 1 Section 2.


05.0205. General. All Service personnel (including Reserve personnel, but not , Sponsored Reserves and Cadet Force Adult Volunteers) will be eligible to claim GYH Travel, subject to meeting all of the following general criteria:

a. The QRes is more than 50 miles from the Service person’s duty station. However, where the Service person has a family home or privately maintained property within 50 miles of their duty station, but their duties or the travel to work time preclude them from travelling daily from that property, authority to claim GYH Travel may be exceptionally granted by the JPAC Pay and Allowances Casework Cell (PACC).

b. The nature of their duties permits them to travel to their family home/privately maintained property at weekends and normal stand down periods.

05.0206. Permanent Assignments. Service personnel will be eligible to be paid GYH Travel from their permanent assignment unit to their family home or privately maintained property, providing they continue to meet the eligibility at paragraph 05.0205.

05.0207. Mid-Assignment Change of QRes. If a Service person’s immediate family moves from one family home to another, or the Service person sells and purchases another privately maintained property during the assignment, the change is to be reported and entitlement to GYH Travel is to be reassessed by unit HR admin staff.

05.0208. Maintaining a Privately Owned or Rented Property. Service personnel who occupy a RWA, which is not SFA or equivalent, will be eligible to claim GYH Travel from their duty station or RWA to their privately maintained property, provided they continue to meet the criteria at paragraph 05.0205. However, they will not be eligible for concurrent payment of Home to Duty Travel(Private) (HTD(Private)) and GYH Travel.

05.0209. Service Couples. If both members of a Service marriage or civil partnership (PStat Cat 1s/5s) are not collocated and both occupy SLA or Substitute Service Single Accommodation (SSSA) at their respective permanent duty stations, the accommodation occupied by the Cat 1s partner will be designated the Service couple’s family home. Where, however, the Service couple own or rent a property in which they would normally reside, except when unable to do so for Service reasons, this property may be classed as the family home for both members and each may claim GYH Travel to that property provided all of the criteria are met.
ct from JSP 752 as follows, note the last Para:


See definition of family home below, also extracted from JSP 752 Ch 1 Section 2, See below, Para 01.0221 "which may be SFA":

01.0221. Family Home. A family home for a married Service person or civil partnership home for one who is in a civil partnership is defined as the residence (which may be SFA, or privately owned/part owned or rented) in which they would normally reside with their family, except when unable to do so for Service reasons. In cases where a family has more than one home, the family home/civil partnership home for allowance purposes should normally be the one where the spouse/civil partner and, where applicable, the children spend the majority of their time. Further amplification of other qualifying family home/civil partnership home addresses is provided as follows:

a. Relative’s Address. If a Service person’s spouse/civil partner resides permanently with a relative, that accommodation may qualify as a family home as long as the Service person is able to spend weekends (or other stand down periods) with their spouse/civil partner at that accommodation.

b. Service Couples. If members of a Service marriage/civil partnership (Personal Status Category 1s/5s) are not co-located and both occupy Single Living Accommodation (SLA) or Substitute Service Single Accommodation (SSSA) at their respective duty stations, the accommodation occupied by the 1s partner will be designated the Service couple’s family home. However, if they own or rent a private property which they would normally occupy, other than for the exigencies of the Service, this property will be designated the family home.

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