Pay whilst waiting to join?

Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere but just a heads-up for those wishing to join the Armed Forces regarding a scam via ARTD. Mods please delete if duplicated.

ARTD said:
Scam Warning:

An applicant has reported that he had received a letter from the Army asking for his bank details as part of a "Pay While You Wait" scheme, i.e. recruits begin to receive payment prior to loading to training. The Candidate was informed that the Army has no such scheme, the Candidate is still in the recruitment process (i.e. not been offered a place yet) and that the Candidate was informed that the Army would not ask for bank details over the phone.

It appears that the Candidate responded to the letter by contacting an 0845 number and provided their bank details.

The letter is believed to have a Royal Marines logo (which would obviously not be used by the Army) and contact details for Outreach Admin Team staff.

The bank name and account details of the Candidate on the letter are correct.

It is suspected that the Candidate's email account may have been hacked and the Candidate has been targeted by a relatively sophisticated scam. It is unknown whether other Candidates have been targeted.

Then again the scam warning could be a scam. Just send money to me & cut out these fraudster middle-men. :cool:
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