Pay while Mobilsed - TA income added?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bravo_Bravo, Apr 21, 2011.

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  1. Whats the score if your mobilsed pay rate is higher than your Civvie pay rate?

    I gather that if the mobilised rate is lower, the MoD pay you the higher rate and add on TA pay - is this so?

    How would it work if Civvia pay + TA pay is higher than Mobilised rate? Would you get the higher?

    Obviously, I'm asking for a mate, and there are no PSIs around)


  2. No Wah

    Let me get this right, you're complaining because you mobilised rate is higher that you get paid in civvie street?

    If you get paid higer you quids in.

    If you're lower you get a make up to the level as long as you have proof of the earnings.

    Try searching it, its been covered so many times
  3. I've not seen mention of the circumstances I've outlined, hence asking.
  4. Ok not mentioned in your words but many post regarding, if I get paid more in civvie street do i get paid lower or the same, does my TA wage get added to my pay. all questions asked in different forms.

    Tell your mate to think before he asks you bone questions. :)
  5. Thanks for that.
  6. Yes TA pay is included (any pay is included in the relevant time span) and the higher or civ / Reg Army rate is paid.

    Otherwise it could be difficult to mobilise someone who has mortgages etc based on a civ income etc etc
  7. What my mate wanted to hear - thanks.

    Do you have a referance for that?
  8. BB why to call the MOD operator and ask themn to transfer you to the J1 Cell at RTMC and ask them, well they are the SME!!!!!!

  9. No but that's exactly what happened to me when mobilised. I would have thought your RAO would be able to give guidance on that - I can't see why they should mind telling you.
  10. Even better idea
  11. As mentioned - no PSIs available.

    Ref MoD Operator - can this be done from a Civvie line?
  12. Your monthly mobilised pay consists of (previous twelve months of civvy pay plus TA pay plus any other income) divided by twelve. If however, your TA rank is such that you would earn more than that equation then you would be paid according to your rank.

    The short answer is that you will not be any worse off financially whichever option your personal circumstances fit.

    Then don't forget to add op bonus (c. £30 per day), LSA ( rate dependant on how many days you have been deployed in total, but a minimum of c.£ 7 per day)
  13. **** me you are useless, aren't you?
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  14. That will be �7 a day then.
  15. You need to go into 'Internet Options' and remove the blocked website Google on your computer. ;-)

    Reserves Training and Mobilisation Centre
    Building 10
    Chetwynd Barracks
    NG9 5HA

    Tel: 0115 957 2694

    Does your potential mobilsed job involve any thinking on your own two feet? Sorry, I mean does your mates mobilised job require any?