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Pay when mobilised..???


How am I supposed to make a rough forecaste of what I'll be paid when I mobilise? :frustrated: According to this:

I could either be lower band or higher, which will I be? I appreciate I will have LSSA and various operation bonuses too, but I'd just like an annual salary figure for comparative purposes.

If its any help, I'm a newly promoted L/Cpl with 18 months service.
You may want to consider editing your link to:
Your High / Low Band when moblised should be the same as you are now. Check your Pay Statement for the info or ask your Pay Clerk.
How is pay calculated?
All employments in the Army are grouped into higher or lower bands for the rating of pay. The lower band encompasses most employments at Private soldier level but many employments are graded higher in particular ranks where the level of skill and/or responsibility warrant it. Examples of higher pay band employments are Combat Engineer, Registered General Nurse and Infantry soldier roles from Lance Corporal up to Warrant Officer Class 1

Clue: enter "higher lower band" in the Serving Soldier searchbar.
Hi, When you get mobilised the Army match what your civi pay is. i.e you are paid £52.00 a day in the TA but your civi job works out at £72.00 a day. The Army will give an award which will bring ur TA pay up to match you Civi Pay. When you go to RTMC you will have to take with copy of pay slips from civ job, if you have to pay out any other costs like child car, company car etc you will need to take a letter from the appropriate people stating how much it is going to and you may get help money wise from army for that. The best person to speak to on this is either RTMC on there help line 08000285533 or you RAO

Your lower or higher band reflects the type of job you do. I know that SPS are on a lower band where are Inf guys are on a high band. But when you start moving up the ranks there are some change overs, your pay clerk should have a sheet that shows all the jobs in the TA and what the pay band is for each rank.

I hope this helps

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