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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by crossed_axes, May 3, 2005.

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  1. On 14 April, new regulations came into effect which mean that while you are mobilised your civilian pay will be matched by the army (if it is higher than your army pay) up to a max of £200k per year - irrespective of your rank.

    If you are mobilised at the moment you can asked to be switched to these new arrangements, or stay as you are.

    Just wondering whether this news has filtered through to those who need to know (and if so how)?
  2. Not really. Only a couple of weeks ago some (senior) plonka turned up on our ITD weekend to deliver the solemn message of the mobilisation lecture (which unbeknown to me appears to have become an ITD) that the Army would continue to shaft us. This from the man whose last posting was a very senior one at RTMC.

    I didn't want to look like a clever Canut but really it was necessary to make as polite a correction as possible and dispel his message of doom, supplanting it with the good news (that he really should have known).
  3. Not many replies.

    Does that mean everyone knows about it - or nobody cares?!
  4. Yes we do care but we've already talked about it.
  5. This does bother me, and its the only thing that would put me off being called up. I work shift a and get a shift allowance, I have been told the army would have to match that but then again I hear of people who had the wrong pay ( full screws getting siggys pay ) well into their tour
  6. I know there's been discussion about the new regs - but my question was whether anyone had been told officially about the changes now that they have come into effect.

    In my experience, the arrangements for providing information about such things just through the chain of command don't work in the TA and lots of people are left in the dark - so the MOD/army should be looking for other ways of providing information.

    Pay while mobilised is a pretty important subject - not least to the people mobilised at the moment who could be getting more money right now.

    So, what have people heard - other than through ARRSE?
  7. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Well, it certainly reached my Unit, and I have made sure that it went out on Detail.

    Our mobilisation / pay experiences vary, but generally only a couple of people lost money, and they were self-employed, who had been stiffing the taxman for years, so sympathy was limited :twisted:

    As for the pay itself - I am still getting some payslips - but not all - via the Unit I was mobilised with - and this is 14 months after DeMob :roll:

    One last thing - don't believe what the Ads say about 'Regular Army rates of pay' - utter b@lloxs. Just get the money made up to your Civvy pay levels, as you won't get anything like the same pay as a Reg with similar rank/experience to your own.
  8. - I will (at civilian pay levels) be getting more than the RSM and indeed anyone else up to OC level.

    But I'm worth it! 8)
  9. It is worth considering the implications of having no TA pay for six months. This might sound daft since the army is paying you, but if you do a significant amount of green whilst not mobilised then even with the matching up of your mob'ed pay with your civilian income you are going to be out of pocket. The 'TA is casual work' decision means that the income you get from APC normally (every now and then 8O ) is not considered to be part of your 'matchable income'.

    Which is a bit sad really if you told the bank about it to secure your unfeasably large mortgage... you may snigger but we all know those who have.
  10. Free food, free place in tent with other farting men, shorter working week etc offset this.
  11. But don't forget after March 04 your TA pay is not included in the CSA calculations!!!