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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by OfficerCarnage, Dec 24, 2008.

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  1. Hi all, thanks in advance to anyone who reads this and bothers to reply on Christmas eve!

    So, in a nutshell, I commissioned 12/12/08 as a Grad 2Lt. I've just checked Armynet for this month's pay and was a bit miffed with what I saw.

    As of 12/12 I would have thought I'd move from OF5 to OF6 pay for the remainder of this month and onwards - yet, I quote the info part of the JPA slip :

    Basic Pay : 01-DEC-08 to 12-DEC-08 (23,475.24)

    Basic Pay : 13-DEC-08 to 31-DEC-08 (23,475.24)

    Should it be different for the latter part of this month (28,216 p.a., last I checked) or will the extra pay show up in future arrears? It's worth a few hundred quid at least and would be well-timed!!

    If indeed there is an error here, who do I try and grip to sort it? APC Glasgow, the clerk at my attachment, my troopies' course or my eventual unit?

    Many thanks!
  2. log onto jpa yourself and raise an I Sp
  3. Mine showed up in arrears around February, I think. But do keep an eye on it - graduate pay is still atrociously handled, despite the fact that 85% of officers are grads!
  4. OF5 to OF6? isn´t that a bit of jump even for a graduate? Full Colonel to Brigadier straight from RMAS?

    simple fact of the matter, yes, it should be higher. And as you went higher prior to the all hallowed 14th of the month (cut off date for changes) it should have been actioned for the pay run. However it hasn´t.

    Expect it in next month.
  5. Cheers chaps, will wait out 'til Feb as I'm being bounced around units for the next few months anyway.

    And yes, I'm not quite so lucky as to be OF6 yet, more accurately OF-1 (Level 6)!

  6. Pay run in Dec was 11th so anything affecting your pay after this date will not show up. Expect it in your next monthly pay.