Pay up!!!




I am very upset with the pay at my previous unit,

1, I went up a trade band 2 yrs prior to to pay 2000 for those those two years i was not recieving the pay scale i should have been getting. This has led to some financial loss.
I have fought for the loss of earnings but still no joy at recieving that money back.

2, On several occasions i was refused transport for journeys made in my own private vehicle to work locations. I supplied a certificate of non vehicle availability to the unit when claiming for fuel costs. Still not recieved those costs back from 2 months ago.

3, My rifle cleaning kit was stolen in iraq signed a p1954 within two weeks the sum was deducted from my pay.

I seem to think that some RAO seem to think that the money they have to pay troops is theirs. It is not I forgot to pay a creditor for a bill in civvy street after two letters i was threatened with court action the sum was for a measly £2.34 yet the army owe int he region of £2000 for back pay and £200 in MMA.

I am not a happy bunny!!
First things first Armadillo, you say you were diffy pay 2 years before pay 2000 ? I put it to you that you should have stood your ground at the very latest 6 months after you say you passed your trade test which would have qualified you in the higher pay band. Can you PM me with your cap badge, trade test you passed which would have put you on the HIGHER pay BAND, and anything else which you might think significant.

As for your MMA claims matey, I suggest you go and speak to the Unit FSA to find out where they might have gotten to. If again you get no joy there, then get it up your CoC as quick as poss.

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