Pay Statements

Sorry to sound like a bit of a mong, but can someone advise as to when I can:
1. Expect (if that isn't too heavy a word) to see my pay statement for this month on Armynet.
2. Expect said pay to appear in my bank account.

You may not see anything till march now, apparently some JPA knob pulled the plug in the morning instead at 2200hr and 37 units won't get any pay, mever mind you didn't really need it did you?
And Sods, law these people not know I've a solicitor to support!
There may be an issue with some units pay this month as a result of admin staff not processing the attendance based pay before the cut off date. It will depend on whether your unit processes your pay on a regular basis or keeps it until the last possible moment. If they do then you COULD be affected. The line from SPS is as follows:
"Any unit who have soldiers/officers disadvantaged because they have delayed submission, rather than trickled submission throughout the month should offer payments in lieu from their Imprest accounts." So in theory no one should be disadvantaged if they have not been paid due to a unit admin error. Anyone with specific questions please feel free to pm me but I obviously can't answer individual queries on pay.
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