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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by leeanne, Feb 7, 2002.

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  1. :eek:Why is it that we never get our pay statements until at least a week after we've been paid? It's just no good is it guys!!!!
  2. I am obviously in a different bit of the Army as mine always appear on time.  Not that I read them.  I do it for love, not money.  No, I do, honest.  
  3. I'm with that one Leeanne.. I ususally get some payslips for arse payments of about £3 for some exercise I attended in basic, and then get the proper 'fat' one about 4 days into the next month!  Is there a logical explanation.. or is it that in the admin side of the army the wind doesn't blow - it sucks!  ;D
  4. Can any of the scriblers please explain the route a pay statement takes from inseption to customer? A gauntlet if you please.
  5. I can!!!

    AGC'S collect statements from Postroom, Go to the NAAFI for a pie, takes the statements and pie back to the RAO Dept, throws the statements on the desk, gobbles the pie quicker than thier opening times!  Throw's the wrapper on the desk, then within the next week, marches back and forward to the NAAFI getting yet more healthy supplements every day and bringing them back to the RAO Dept........................... Until suddenly, he/she needs to clean all the wrapper's and rubbish off thier desk.....and BOSH - Then appears the Pay statements that he brought up last week, that he'd forgot all about, as the fat NAAFI wrappers had covered them all up!!

    So, a week after we've been paid - The statements turn up!!

    That's my story anyway.......... ;D ;D
  6. Pay Statements - Pay personnel?  They must be doing something right cause they get promotion quicker than non-finance trained AGC(SPS).  Perhaps non-finance personnel should start naffing their staff clerk work up and they might get quicker promotion.  Fact not fiction!!
  7. ;DDo you think its easy to mess your pay up?  Time, dedication, skill and an absolute lack of knowledge make the lie called pay... and thats a statement!
    Also coming into work at 0700hrs, leaving at 1900hrs and watching all the higher range paid muppets (all higher range paid pax-any capbadge) swan off at 1500hrs every day tends to make us "second class" citizens well hacked off!

    My God thats better, been dying for a whinge for ages, well I'm off to get body armour for the replies!!!! 8)
  8. I cant complain,i seem to get my pay statement on time,and thats even with being on operational tour!!!! ;D
  9. I think people that pay me are great, keep up the good work and long live the Pay Corp :-/ ;D :)
    Also the pay statements make great door stoppers......
  11. i also never receive pay statements(for all their worth) till the middle of the month but another thing why whenever anyones pay is wrong is it glasgows fault can the agc take no blame or are the glasweigens really poor at their jobs if so why not sack them all and move all the agc to scotland as i'm sure they'd have no probs getting all the pay correct!!
  12. OK.  I'll be boring and give a real answer.

    Your pay goes to the main computer about the 15/16th of the month.  The computer then starts to print out all the pay statements by UIN.

    The statements are then sent to units (2 copies, 1 sealed for you, 1 A4 for us).  These arrive in the last week of the month.

    Before the statements are issued we try and quickly check through them to ensure that everyone is getting at least the SMP (Statutory Minimum Pay) as laid down by law.  This way we can call you in before the end of the month and arrange an AR payment.

    Once checked the statements are snet out to you.  You should get your statement before the end of the month but as with all other jobs, we have a finite amout of staff and time and so sometimes delays can mean that you don't get your statement until a couple of days after your pay has gone into the bank.
  13. I’m sure that they all appreciate your answers. One question though, as you have no military significance at all, why shouldn't your job be tendered out to the best bidder who will obviously provide a better service?

    Writing pay checks is not a soldiers job!
  14. And Leanne, I'm going to side with MDN's comments here. You may have great t*ts, but that doesn't give you the right to publish soft porn pictures of Argentinean corned beef stackers.

    Stop it or we'll start publishing pictures of burning Pucara
  15. That might upset Mario...

    Not like you to side with me, whats the matter, motor won't start ;D