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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by longhairedgeneral, Jul 26, 2007.

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  1. can anyone tell me if they are able to view their current pay statement for July 07 on the army net. still only have till June and wondered if its just mine or everyones.
  2. Mines, still on June as well. I didn't get Junes Paystatement till after i'd been paid.

    As far as i can tell it's the same for my mates aswell.
  3. I haven't looked but the payslips will only appear on there once the "pay run" has been completed. And they don't do that until the very last "safe" moment - in order to include as many changes as possible: too early and you miss the fact that Pte Bloggs has been fined £200, too late and you risk it all going wrong and not paying everyone on the last day of the month! As the last day of July is next Tuesday, I think the computers will run tomorrow with the payslips going live this weekend.

  4. I've just looked and mine is on there for July? - looks like a total c*ck up, but it's on there?
  5. July's paystatement showing on JPA (if you can find a terminal!)
  6. Mine's on there too.
  7. Arm Net showing mine - worryingly correct!
  8. July statement there for me - and right too!
  9. July is there, still havn't had fucking Junes though, or been paid for a course I went on.

    Bring back the RAPC, at least with a dedicated Corps for pay it didn't used to fuck up as much.
  10. OK. Perhaps I was wrong!


    Edited to add: Yes, I was wrong and my payslip is there, too! Hmm, enough for two liquorice allsorts and a bottle of fizzy pop. :twisted:
  11. :p
  12. Yep ups up now as well, wasn't there when i posted this morning honest.

    Also got an Op Alice payment of £12.32 for some reason as well hmmm
  13. mines there, almost correct but not quite :)
  14. I had three months of garage taken off of mine instead of ten days last month which only ammounts to £70 but £70 better in my pocket. After phoning the wonderful allocations people I was told Whoooooooops we made a mistake and weve adjusted the dates and youll get in back sometime its a computer mistake/JPA is at fault.

    NO it ISNT a computer mistake its a Housing Computer operators mistake who was incompitent and didnt put the right date in so dont blame a poor terminal. Maybe the comment of you will get it back sometime is good enough for them but in my books is a FCUK UP. Its in the same league of a chef burning the cakes or mechanic fcuking up brakes on your car.

    Also seeing a lot of things taken out then put back in on the statements doesnt give you much hope that there getting things right. I dont know what it was but had NPD of £68 out then NPD Offset for same ammount in undrneath ( another fcuk up I take it)
  15. Its there but not in English like the old ones, nevermind you cant stop progression or useless pricxs trying to improve tryed and tested methods.