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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by EX_REME, Apr 25, 2007.

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  1. Well my pay statement is on ArmyNet, and guess what its fooked up. Why am I not surprised?

    I now pay Single accom charge and ciloct (I am on over 37 MU).

    They have not taken any food charges.

    Why have they renamed RPOD to HTD, why has it gone down and why do I now have to give half of it back?


    TBH I dont even know hwy I am posting this. Maybe frustration?
  2. just looked at mine, bank allotment doesnt appear to be there in print in any shape or form and my gyh(s) not there plus ive inherited an extra 100 days lsa value.
  3. Looked at mine and its messed up as well...... oh joy - pri cks
  4. Yup, my pay is completely fcuked up, and has been for the last 3 months reason?......sorry, JPA. Well perhaps someone can explain "JPA" to my mortgage company. BASTARDS
  5. AFPAA haven't released mine yet, must mean its a total fu ck up happy days although I got CEA in't bank before the claims went in??
  6. I think the 100 days are there to take into account that there is no longer a qualifying period for the new LSA allowance, Istand to be corrected though.

  7. Yep, mine has been messed up too!!

    Not the only one, people paid too much, not enough, allotments going all over the place or nowhere at all and even people being 'discharged' from service, (therefore no pay) although they are still very much alive and serving!!!

    Regarding some of the previous comments, the numerous JPA briefs I had to attend and also the online JPA training quite clearly informed us of most of the major changes including; Home to Duty Travel(HDT) replacing GYH (only a name change) and everyone being 'credited' an extra 100 days on change from LSSA to LSA to fit fairly into the new bands.

    I have a feeling this thread will grow!!!!
  8. You are correct Jimima, the original 100 days LSA qualifying period has been removed, however, the extra 100 days is not related to this.


    March 2007 LSSA total days 350 on mid level (lower 0-300 middle 301-700 days)

    April 2007 LSA total days still 350 on level 1 (0-400 days) which equates to LSSA lower

    i.e. you DROP a level and LOSE money when you deploy.

    To overcome this add 100 days;

    April 2007 LSA days total 350+100 = 450 level 2 which equates to LSSA mid level

    You still have the same amount of days to qualify for the next level up, however, you do not drop any levels.

    In effect you stay on the same level. Try the maths with any amount of LSSA days converted to LSA by adding 100 days - it does work!

    After all that you may ask why they complicated it and did not just add new levels to the old and call it LSA with no change,

    Answer - the 100 day initial quailfication period that was going to be added which pushed the days/levels totals up by 100 days!

    Right thats enough maths for me tonight time to watch the footy!!!!
  9. Don't mean to rain on anyones parade but my pay seems spot on, that's if my qtr, garage and ciloct rates are the correct level. It even has my disturbance allowance on there, procesed last Thursday.
  10. After 19 years service Ive finally got a pay statement that is CORRECT.

    Your right about the 100 days every one will have it added, dont think I'll reach that top mark of about 3000 days away but sure the Army try in the next 1082 days Ive got left in. Not counting though.
  11. Sorry to have to say this but it looks like I am being paid correctly, but I do sympathise with anyone having problems and hope they get sorted PDQ.

    However I am convinced that this has only happened because JPA have got me at the wrong unit but being admin'd by my last Reg Unit (am now NRPS).

    Long may I stay this way as my current unit's admin is c***, they have yet to tell me that I do not appear on their system! Thank goodness for keeping in touch with old friends!

    Edited to add:

    Have also got 341 days LSA - most strange as I haven't left Wales let along the UK in the last ????? years!
  12. Well, it all looks ok to me apart from one thing

    There appears to be no mention of my (very important) bank allotment. Although the figures add up in the "net pay" box- are the allotment bank details no longer included?

    I'm not fussed as long as the money arrives on time and in the right account.

    Can everyone else clearly see any bank allotment payments ? Should I be worried ?
  13. Floppy - My UK bank allotment is also AWOL, however, the amount is missing from the payment amount so hopefully it will hit my UK bank ok. Also for some reason I am now getting just under 10 GBP a day LSA. - any ideas why, as I am not deployed, but stationed with the USAF ?
  14. Same detail on allotment, all other details correct, which is promising, oh apart from not registering promotion, but as that only happened at end of march it can be forgiven.
  15. I've been knocked down a pay scale :< losing £5 on every day now (and considering I put in over 69 days...arrrrgh)