Pay statement on armynet

I know this is a old one, however, is it just me or has anybody got there June pay statement on line yet :?:

Please tell me its just not me :(
No June for me either.

However a mate of mine, got in touch with the JPA centre to try and get his pay statements for the past couple of months, as they are not on Armynet and he is away from his unit at the minute. He was told that they are stopping, or are trying to move away from putting them on Armynet.

WTF! One of the only decent things Gasgow has ever done, and now they are looking at sacking it.

Anyone else heard of this, or can shed anylight on the subject.


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My June statement is there, but of course my pay is incorrect as usual


JPA knobbers fcukd my pay right up this month 500 short all they said was well you MIGHT get it next month not impressed ****rant over**** and no armynet and JPA still havent got thier act together
If it were not for armynet then I wouldn't have seen a pay statement this year, I'm not due to get a JPA password for another 2 or 3 months (at the earliest).

I love it when a plan comes together....
June pay statement went on Armynet yesterday.

However its WRONG AGAIN!.

Also noticed entry in 'Payroll Type' box has changed from 'Reg' to 'Sup', anyone got any ideas or info.

Also looks like I might not have had my allotment paid into my German account, as there is no account details for the allotment, but the Net Pay and Payment boxes seem to idicate I have. Anyone else had this problem before, if so were you actually paid?

LSA - Completely diffy, after only getting partial last month.

Glasgow must be Just Pissing About
SparkySteve said:
I haven't been paid ever! Since October!
I've been paid once since October, and haven't yet had a pay statement (either hard copy or JPA on ArmyNet) which tells me what (particular period) it was for.

I wish I could get paid for the amount of time I spend trying to get admin sorted out... I'd be rich (if I could get paid, that is...).
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