Pay statement hieroglyphics. Help please. :)

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by MrBane, Apr 22, 2010.

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  1. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Hihi, just got back from an Op tour, did leave slightly early, but also deployed early, so think I still did bang on six months, couldn't be shy it by more than a few days.

    Problem I have is the missus and I have just put in for a new house, so the bank wants these statements, but words like 'debt' and 'arrears' don't look great, and if I can't explain what it all means, it wont be doing me any favours!
    Any advice would be great, can't call RAO's lot as everyone's on leave. Thanks guys, sorry to bug you all.

    This is the stuff from the Pay (Mis)Information section

    Basic Pay 2200.39
    Retro Operational Allowance -353.16 - Overpaid allowance I guess
    GPD Taxable -237.32
    GPD Offset Taxable 237.32
    GPD Offset Non Taxable 353.16
    LSA Arrears This was blank on statement

    15-MAR-10 - 31-MAR-10: 28.56
    Single Accm Charge Arrears:
    Due 01-MAR-10 to 31-MAR-10: -237.32


    15-MAR-10 - 31-MAR-10: 28.56
    Single Accm Charge Arrears:
    Due 01-MAR-10 to 31-MAR-10: -237.32
    They don't charge accom whilst on tour, but are they meant to then take it back in one lump? I'm in Z type. Why can't they just charge you throughout tour instead of a lump at the end?

    01-MAR-10 - 14-MAR-10: 195.44
    01-MAR-10 - 31-MAR-10: -432.76
    SLA : Type = G1X Grade = OR3

    (IBD 01-DEC-08)

    Basic Pay : Annual Salary 26,404.68 (AIP Available 0)
    apply to your Unit HR ASAP.
    Automatic recovery will start in June . To appeal

    - As of April you have a new debt of GBP353.16.
    Total 15-MAR-10 to 31-MAR-10: 1.53


    15-MAR-10 - 31-MAR-10: 1.53(0.09 per day)
    Retro Operational Allowance:
    01-MAR-10 - 31-MAR-10: -353.16


    LSA Arrears:
    Due 01-MAR-10 to 31-MAR-10: -353.16

    It says automatic recovery will start in June. Recovery of what? Haven't they just taken a chunk off me?

    Why does our pay statement read like gibberish? It used to be so much simpler. It doesn't help the thing can't even print stuff off in the right order. Why do they keep giving and taking the same sum? Why not do it just once?

    I'm so confused. :(

    And the actual pay details themselves, just to help tie things in:

    PAYE 283

    NI D 138.90

    Service Days Pay Giving 7.23

    Single Accm Charge 51.30

    CILOCT Single 2.70

    Single Accm Charge Arrears 28.56

    CILOCT Single Arrears 1.53

    NPD 30.09

    NPD Offset -30.09

    Thanks again guys, hopefully someone can shed some light on what it all means. :)
  2. Your mortgage company should have no problem reading this.

    It will however be a lot more complicated to explain to you in the written word.

    I'll do a crash course.

    a minus in the payments, is a deddction, a plus in the payments is a payment, a minus in the deductions column is a payment and a plus is a deduction. (with me so far?)

    You've missed some things off your PS so I can't tell you what the taxable one is, I would assume though, it's an overpayement of LSA, due to you arriving back in UK shorlty after pay run was done.

    LSA being taxble creates a taxable debt, op allowance isn't and creates a non taxable debt.

    WHAT DEBT????!!! I hear say.

    What they have done, as opposed to just taking this money off you in one month and leaving you high and dry, the money comes off your wages, then gets issued to you as an interest free loan taken at a rate of 4 days pay per month, starting 2 months after the debt is issued. this continues to be taken until the debt is paid off in it's natural course, or you can opt to pay it all back in a oner, hence the 1 months grace.

    Hope that helps......
  3. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    You have just answered something in a manner none of my clerks have ever managed, and it all makes so much sense now!! That has just cleared up years of confusion. Years. Why could no-one else ever tell me this?!

    That really makes so much sense now.

    Thanks for that mate, that's been a great help!

    However, one thing still has me wondering. Should they be taking accom charges off me in arrears for a tour? I've not been there, ipso-facto, I shouldn't be paying for it. Or is it all different under the new Z type accom? I presume they want to get their investment back ASAP.

  4. You should not pay accn charges whilst on Ops, but should be paying them from the day you re-occupied your room. That date should tie in with the date on your SOE. It makes no difference if it is Z Type or not

    You also get 2 months gracce before your overpayment is deducted from your salary to give you time to question it.
  5. Ref the accom side you should have boxed your kit up and moved out so you no longer had a room therefore you no longer pay for one. (we used to make our blokes box up their rooms and leave the boxes in it until we moved into z type then they had to store their kit in the attic as the rear party was moving into their rooms so they could charge people a higher rate)