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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Boxy, Jun 12, 2007.

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  1. Okay, so far no major dramas with JPA, one smal gripe though, I have my physical payslip,but how come there isn't one on armynet.whatever?

    Just me or is this a common occurrence?
  2. You have a payslip? I bet you've been paid recently too, havent you.....
  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    AFAIK, JPA is not that compatible with ArmyNet, so don't expect to see anything like payslips on there anymore.
  4. Don't know wher you got that info from because the JPA slips can and are displayed on armynet!

    There was a problem with the upload this month from what i can gather therefore nothing as yet!!!!!
  5. payslip...

    that would mean you'd been paid... something ive not been yet and ive been in since feb lol

    although im in no hurry for it, but some extra drinking money would be nice
  6. Not got a may payslip on Armynet either.
  7. My Bounty payslip appeared, so they may be(HA!) a glitch in the system & it'll catch up eventualy.
  8. result.. i finally managed to get registered on armynet (after some trying since i got my number).. no payslips tho. lol ach well.. things seem to be moving forward!
  9. patience....
  10. You have a payslip!! I'll have to check the post when I get home...

    As for Armynet.. apparently I'm not on it so can't check :x :roll:
  11. Nor me.
  12. I have drawn a blank on Armynet too
  13. 3 pay slips, no actual pay. 2 pay slips from April on Armynet (one I haven't got physically), and none from May on Armynet.
  14. Had 2 payslips from April that showed 0 but nothing from May
  15. Guys, I dont know which units you are in but there is no way you should not be getting paid via JPA. In my unit we have about 300 personnel and no one is outstanding any pay and all bounties have been paid albeit one or 2 were a couple of weeks late. The system now is as follows all pay has to be uploaded to JPA by 2200 hrs on 24/25 of the month. The pay is then processed the following day and should be in the bank within 3-4 days. The same system should happen every month so as long as your pay staff are processing your attendance sheets you should get paid at the same time every month. I know some units are struggling and there are the odd problem with pay but there should now be a steady state in place for all TA personnel.