Pay slip / pay band help!

Ok you pay gurus, I'm in need of some help!

I was advised to check that I'm on the correct pay band by an oppo who discovered that his was wrong. It turns out that I'm on 'NERP of 7'.

What does this mean? I'm not Joe Crow so I was expecting to be on band 5... On enquiring into this with one of our AGC lads he didn't have a clue what it meant. He did however say that I should be on a higher band than that as I have two trades. I'm not to sure about this one though.

Also, Armynet shows a pay statement for October and one for December but no November.

Can I chase this up through JPA or do I need to tell me Clerk? I'm TA so I don't get much chance to do this normally.

Thanks in advance,

NERP = New entrant rate of pay! As TA you should leave this rate 12 months after joining or on becoming trade qualified, which ever comes sooner. Thereafter you should receive an annual increment as long as you qualify for bounty.

So now having 2 trades and being 4 years down the line I should be on something a bit higher than that then!



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