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Pay slip issue

Hi i have something on my pay slip and i was wondering what it means. After my level 4/9 i have (b). I spoke to my RAO about it and they said it was nothing to worry about and meant i still had an AIP to take. Now is this true? as my mate does not have anything on his. I was on a SIP at 3/3 due to things not being correct on JPA and i am just wondering if this (B) is anything to do with it?
It has nothing to do with AIP, as you are told how much AIP you have/or not as the case may be, in the payroll information box which is bottom left of your pay statement. As you mentioned you where on SIP 3/3, maybe the B on your pay statement is indicating you are on reserve banding. Check you PS to see if you are in receipt of the reserve banding payment. If it is nothing to do with SIP then another shot in the dark may be that you have a bar against progressing to the next level. The best bet is to give JPAC a call to see if they can clarify the matter.

Hope this helps

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