Pay shambles!!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Skinn_Full, May 13, 2007.

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  1. Good day all, I have been in training at Catterick for over three months and have not been properly paid for nearly the whole time I have been there. We have been subject to possibly the most overused phrase in British military history, "Its a JPA **** up". Our platoon was recently sent on leave with the promise that all the monies owed would be paid in full into bank accounts as of last Thursday, surprise surprise, no pay. The head honchos are aware of the situation as there has been a hail of complaints passed up the chain, yet nothing appears to be being done about it. Just empty promises and half measures to try and placate us. Its really bad for morale and everyone is sick of it. Does anyone in the know have a fcuking clue what is going on? Has anyone else experienced this??
    I know there has been poroblems with the introduction of JPA, but for a whole platoon to consitently not get paid? Its a shambles really. Your thought or help would be most appreciated.

    Cheers Easy!
  2. I don't know anything about JPA, but if you're about to go on leave and your pay has been screwed up they can easily give you a cash payment. It doesn't solve the underlying problem but at least you have money in your pocket.
  3. As you are now paid by JPA - theres nothing stopping you phoning the JPAC enquiry centre and enquiring as to what the problem is. They might be able to give you the answer straight away.

    0800 085 3600 and pay is option 1. You'll have to wait until tomorrow morning after 7, theres no weekend service.
  4. I haven't been paid properly for 3 months now, and I'm not holding my breath as to receiving good news at the end of this month. The only way this is going to be sorted is if all of us with pay issues seek legal advice and inform our chain of command that we are doing so
  5. Cheers for that mate, I'll give them a bell tomorrow and be prepared to be fcuked off by them as I have consistently been so far by this whole JPA business. :x

    Cheers Easy!
  6. I thought pay and pension enquries was option 4? 1 is something to do with something not including Gurkha something something
  7. Skinn_Full expect them to give you a reference number and to be told to wait up to 10 days..
    Whats your situation? Are you a new recruit? Posted? (assigned as it is now ;) )
  8. Take a little trip to your pay office and get some cash over the counter, and then sit there until your clerk phones JPAC on your behalf, you will have to be there as JPAC will not answer any questions without you there. and get the clerks to do there Jobs, they are still the point first point of contact for all issues.

    I hope everthing works out.
  9. Add to the mix of jpa problems is the lack of jpa terminals and we all have the time to queue up don't we
  10. I was going on what their website says here.

    I'm willing to concede that it may well be a total load of bollox.

    But if your on leave/tour etc and your pay is screwed its as good a place to start as any.

    One of the key principles of the JPA Programme was that defence would save a wedge of cash to pay for it by cutting the HR manning within units. Sitting in a queue at your admin office may well be fruitless as the'll either be no one there or the'll just advise you to ring JPAC.
  11. Its sounds like JPA will turn out with the same success as the Modern Housing Solutions
  12. JPA is'nt all that bad, I know a guy who knows he is on £35.750(ish) a year and now that we are payed in 12 equal monthly payments according to our salaries, which is clearly stated on the new pay statements. His 1st pay statement clearly stated that he is now on 39.890(ish), being a wise and sensible individual he was straight onto his admin office to advise them of the obvious mistake, but was told that everything seems in order but to be on the safe side he should phone JPAC, which he did and was again told that everything was in order, even after he repeatedly told them that it was not correct.
    He is due out in 6 months(time complete), so he then enquired as to what his pension rates were, and he was pleasently surprised to hear that the rate was as per his new and somewhat strange payrise.
    He is obviously very pleased but is going to put the over monthly payments to one side for 6 months, and then after that if he gets away with it and gets the pension payments he is scott free, cheers easy.
    He has exhausted his efforts to inform them of the mistake but has been told at all levels that all is correct.
    So sympathies to everyone at the opposite end of JPA's cock ups, but to this individual it has gone the opposite way (lucky barsteward)
    I wonder as to how many others will slip through the net and have recieved an automatic £5/6 grand payrise?
  13. There's your pay boys, speak to Tricky Ricky's mucka!
  14. They'll catch up with him in, oh, 30 year's time and ghe'll have to pay it all back!

  15. Does anyone who has had problems with the JPA feel they are at the point where they would talk to a journalist about it?

    I work for a TV news programme, would treat all contacts in the strictest confidence and, in case you're concerned, checked with site admin before posting this.