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Pay sent to US account

My wife has moved out to the States, I have set up to have some of my wages sent out to her.
However it would appear that the money hasnt hit her account, Im now a bit worried that the Router code/Sort code might be wrong or something else is holding the cash up.

Can my Pay clerk track where this transfer has gone from this end, as the wife is saying she cant track it from her end.
Before I go over there and strangle her can anyone help me out please?
Ive heard that The_Snail is syphoning all these pay to foreign accounts to her off shore vodka account.................you may never see it again. Was going to suggest JPA help desk. Look at it this way its a day less for her to spend it all.
I had an issue with a months wages not going into my account a few years ago and as far as JPAC where concerned it had been paid, my bank however could not see it. My bank (Barclays) eventually after some persuasion investigated it further and some time later it just appeared in my account. My initial fear was as yours with regards to incorrect sort code or other details as it was around the period that Barclays took over Woolwich.

I would phone your bank as they can 'see' stuff if they actually bother looking for it but you won't get this unless you speak to the correct department.
My wife has moved out to the States, I have set up to have some of my wages sent out to her....
When did you set this up?
Do you have access to JPA right now, or do you have your pay statement handy?

I added a new account to JPA and it took over a month before my pay was put into my accounts iaw my directions.

Both JPA and your pay statement will show whether or not your money has been sent to this account, and include the bank sort code and account number - check that these details are correct.
Well its nearly the end of the month and the missing pay still hasnt turned up, My pay clerk says he cant track it till it comes back to JPAC and the bank says they cant see it as nothing turned up on there account. Brilliant!!
it tells me cash has gone from my account
I don't quite understand that. My pay goes into three separate accounts, and my pay statement shows the amount going to each along with the account number and sort code, and exchange rate. I would expect yours to show either all your pay going into your original account, or the required amount going into either your US account, along with the correct account details (in which case, it's a bank ****-up) or that amount going to an account with the wrong details (in which case, it's a case of you and your clerk not checking the details).

Carefully check the sort code and account number on your statement.

If it's been sent to the right account, take it up with your bank.

If it's been sent to the wrong account, the bank which received it should realise that the details and account number do not match, and should have set the money aside waiting for someone to realise their error, in which case, you could take it up with the bank yourself (if it is the sort code that is wrong, it may not be your bank) or ask the nice folk at JPAC if they can help.

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