Pay Screw Up, Merry Christmas!!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by davidbrent, Dec 21, 2008.

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  1. I've just checked my pay statement on armynet only to find that they have screwed up my pay. I live out and have done for a couple of years, yet this month it looks as though they have decided to start charging me for food and accommodation and have backdated it for the last two and a half months!
    I don't know why this has happened and normally it wouldn't be a problem, but obviously none of the admin staff will be in for the next couple of weeks and so i've no chance of getting it sorted until the new year. I'm not gonna struggle until then, but that's not the point.
    Does anyone know if the clerks will have to give me the cash or cheque to cover this amount when i see them, or will i have to wait until January's pay before i get it back?

    Also, on a side note any pay gurus know what 'GPD Non Taxable' is, as i've been deducted an amount and then credited the same amount back as 'GPD Offset Non Taxable', only to then be deducted that same amount again as 'LOA - Temp Arrears' (if that makes sense).

    Thanks in advance.
  2. GPD = large sums of money that are debited from you that WOULD haev left you up shit street are now reissued to you as a Debt(interest free) and taken off you at a rate of 4 days pay per month.

    With regards to your pay 'fuckup'........... No you wont get a cheque, because the affore mentioned GPD system prevents you from being in any 'real' financial trouble that would require this.

    With regards to clearing up your issue, is it food and accommodation? Because they are 2 completely different screens on JPA and is highly unlikely that anyone would log in to 2 separate screens and accidentially do a start in both. Have you not been anywhere in the last 3 months? Arrivals (F&A to you)is the job of the recieving unit, you now have to pay F&A from 1st day at unit, without the 30days grace you used to get. If you had been somewhere for a few days / weeks, there's a chance the unit you went to have started your F&A to cover that period, but the HR at your unit would know nothing about it unless you go in and tell them you are back from your course. They will not know you have a problem with you pay either as the days of Clerks checking peoples pay for them is long gone.
  3. Am not a pay guru, but I've got this on my pay statement as well, and not a clue what it's for. They have taken 27 quid for GPD Non Taxable, and then given me back the same amount for GPD Offset Non Taxable. :? Am not too bothered about it as have not been paid any more/less, just curious as to why it is on my pay statement.

    Well actually, my wife is curious!
  4. And me, but only £2:36 :?
  5. OK, I'll go into greater detail then.....

    whereas in previous years if you owed the Army money, they would take the whole sum and leave you to go to the Admin Office and get an Advance of Pay over 12 months to pay it back, this is a new automated system.

    Any monies owed, which could be a -£ on the Credit side of your pay statement, or a +£ on the deductions side over and above of that owed for that particular month, will automatically kick in a GPD taxable or non-taxable debt.

    If for example you arrived at your unit late in Oct your F&A charges wouldn't hit until Nov Pay. The charges for Oct will be debited from you. the total of these charges will then be issued to you as a debt, which you can see a balance of on top(ish) middle of your pay statement.

    this debt, once issued, will be taken off you at a rate of 4 days Gross pay per month until the debt has been paid off.

    So for small amounts such as £2.46, it will look funny something like.


    Basic pay Arrears £2.46
    GDP Debt -£2.46 ( a minus in a deductions column is a plus don't forget)
    GPD Debt £2.46

    This is the charge, the issue of the debt and because it is less than 4 days pay, it comes straigh off you.

    For larger sums involving monthly payments, you are given a months grace to challenge the debt and approch your HR / JPAc about it.

    Does this cover it?
  6. Thanks mate, but still clear as mud.............
  7. hehe, in a nutshell, the deduction be it £2,36 or £2500 is a deduction on your paystement somewhere, you just may need to do some maths to see what it is. Anything saying arrears is normally a safe bet.
  8. Lovelumps, it's not up to them to "do some maths", that's your job.
  9. ahhh, it awakens

    Not our job anymore Dale. Get over it.
  10. What a professional attitude you have, and you say you didn't rise through the ranks why?
  11. Not rising to the Slugs trolls is hardly an example of my proffessionalism now is it?
  12. Thanks for your help jt9563, cleared it up a bit, i still don't understand how they can just take money from me, as it is quite a substantial amount(over £300), and not inform me it was going to happen.

    Also, as I believe this is their mistake (although i may be wrong) am i not entitled to be given my full pay up front when I see the clerks. I know you have said they won't give me a cheque or cash, but at the end of the day if I am owed this money for a full months wages, then surely they have to pay me correctly straight away.
  13. Afraid not mate, I'll go ahead and assume that the sum is indeed less than 4 days gross pay, which is why it has come off you in one go. If you want to PM what shows on your pay statement and any travel you may have done recently, I'd be happy to have a look at it for you.
  14. PM sent, cheers
  15. PM returned mate