Pay Scales - Officers vs Soldiers

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by snug_bug, Oct 18, 2006.

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  1. Could someone PLEASE explain why Officers (excluding Chaplains, Medical & Dental) all get paid the same, dependant only upon time spent in rank, whilst Soldiers get paid on either Higher 'POP STAR' Range or Lower 'PAUPER' Range?

    Why don't soldiers all get paid on one pay scale regardless of cap badge - aren't we all working (as one) to achieve the same goal?
  2. I thought it was to do with the different jobs undertaken by soldiers - e.g. a draughtsman has a more technical job than a postman.

    Whereas officers do roughly the same type of managerial type work no matter what the cap badge.
  3. I think its to try and make army wages comparable to civvy ones. Officers are usually graduates (or have graduate potential) so they recieve a salary that reflects what somebody of that educational level would expect on civvy street. Soldiers however require different educational levels for different trades and this is reflected in their pay. Somebody with good grades in school/college may want to go into the army but if civvy street was offering somebody of their academic calibre much more money and the army was offering somebody with no academic ability (no offence intended) the same wage as them, the army would fail to recruit people of sufficient academic standard to do these jobs. It is a similarstory in civvy street, USUALLY

    Good grades = Technical Job = Good money
    Sh*t grades = Minimum wage job

    That's just my guess at the reason but I think it makes sense.
  4. Or the new one the RAF has just brought in. Multi-Job still crap pay

    So if you were on the lower pay band (the non techy one) and have now become part of the new Trade Group 4 which turned us from Communications Operators to Operator Maintainers they will still pay us the same crap low wage despite forcing us through another ten weeks of teaching us to pass exams at cosford before sending us back to commcens
    Its great honest!!!
  5. Troopers are paid on the lower bands until they have passed all the requirements to be classed as Full Crewmen Or after having served 18 months, they then get put onto the higher bands.

    Officers have all done the same training at RMAS and tend to do roughly the same sort of job (although I'd argue a Troop Leader in command of 3 tanks in combat or the Plt Comd on ops does rather more than some of the more sedate tasks carried out at the rear). Therefore we all get paid the same pay scales.
  6. Not forgetting of course that there are differing pay spines within the Offr Corps, to reflect the fact that some jobs/experience would demand higher remuneration.

    Med services, LE rates, aircrew etc...

    Though most offrs do the same type of work wherever they are employed - sip gin and play golf, obviously.
  8. Not strictly true intli, in the ranks there is the incremental progression system the same as we have - 2 pay rises a year. Annual pay rise and up a notch on the anniversary of promotion, until you reach the top of your increments. Then you bounce off the rev limiter until you get promoted again.
  9. maybe we should pay all soldiers/officers according to map reading skills....... ok maybe not!
  10. Thanks for the comment. As I am now out of the Regs, (TA only now) I am not up to speed on the current pay spines which was why I asked for anyone with more up to date info to comment.

    However, is the Officer pay spine one continuous one or has it been changed? This was the system I was referring too, which wasn't matched by an equivalent for the ranks unless that has changed. :?:
  11. If it is based on graduate pay why don't they start on about £15 K a year which is a decent starting wage for a graduate civil engineer? Or on McDonalds starting wages because that is where a lot of graduates end up because a degree doesn't count for that much now, it's all about experiance.
  12. Your argument holds little weight without facts to back it up.


    Bear in mind the job difference hence X-factor added to any civvy equivelant wage and I think you will find the army is paying graduates (officers) roughly the right ammount.

    Edit to add bold
  13. What gets me with the pay is when you get to the 22 year point and are accepted for LSL. The reward for your continuing loyalty and service is to take a pay cut. As a High Band WO2 I believe that I earned my pay in that 22 years and am still worth that rate today or they would not have accepted me to the list. So how can they justify the drop to lower band? I am now on £96 instead of £105.

    Also the time it takes to get money back from the Army. I paid off my LSAP 12 June. I expected they would need more time to get this sorted out so left it till the end of July, here we are near the end of Oct and they are still taking this from my pay. Bring back the RAPC.
  14. Because of the amount of different degrees out there now they don't count for as much as they once did. 3/4 of the people who work on my wife's team have degrees in geography etc. My wife is an HR manager, what use is a degree in geography in HR? Not all graduates officers degrees are relevant to their capbadge. I can see why a graduate with a relevant degree to their capbadge gets seniority, quicker promotion etc but why every graduate whoes education makes no difference to their job.
  15. I agree with your sentiments and concur that there are a lot of 'mickey mouse' degree courses out there. The relevence of the degree to your regiment/corps in the army is a problem when you look at for example Infantry/Tankies/Artillery as I dont believe any universities are currently offering any courses that are particularly relevent to these jobs. Having a degree is supposed to express a level of academic ability and also life experience and maturity (not too convinced on that one myself) that are neccessary to be a leader.