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Hi guys

Just finished my trade course and I have been looking into pay and things. I am not sure where to find the information I require or who to speak to about this, so perhaps someone could give me a pointer. I have looked on the site and used google, but nothing comes up.

1) At what point are you no longer considered a new entrant? Is it after you finish your CMS(R) and are fully trained as a soldier? If so, do you then become a level 1 pay grade?

2) Having done my systems engineering technician class 3 course, what level do I go onto?

3) I have been looking at my pay statements and I seem to have been on the new entrant rate of pay since I joined last August. Is this normal?

I also noticed that a couple of times I was paid a figure near £32.84 but not exactly. Is this normal. Surely if you are meant to get that amount, you just times the number of MTD's by that rate of pay. The only thing I can think of to get around this discrepancy is that the basic rate of pay increased in April by a slight amount.

Anyone a guru of knowledge in this field?

*bump* - someone must have an idea of where I can find this info out please
Commander_Raab said:
Anyone a guru of knowledge in this field?
No, because this is the realm of Clerks and Clerks are shit.

Why not phone your unit and ask them?
you need to speak to your coy clerk or AO; making sure you're administered correctly is their bag, after all.

If, for some reason you can't, I believe pay scales are somewhere on armynet.
Hey guys

Just FYI, as this might be helpful to other users. I searched all over the internet, defence intranet, armynet etc. The only document I could find was the pay scales (i.e. the one that shows the levels of pay for pte, lcpl etc with the two spines). What I couldnt find was any explanation of when you qualify for a rate, and what trade gets higher or lower spine.

My sqn clerk was very helpful. He explained that until you are trade trained, you get the new entrant rate of pay, at which point you go to level 1. However, if you take more than a year to trade, on the anniversary of you joining you also go to level one.

In terms of which spine you are on, he looked up another document (one that I had never seen before) that lists every trade. This shows at which rank you go onto either the higher or lower spine. Most trades start on the lower spine, but specialists like engineers and *THEY/THEM* start higher.

Hope this helps

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