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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by NEWSTABOLDROPE, May 30, 2013.

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  1. Hello People,
    Read something similar on another thread to what im about to ask. Not been on here - well to post anyways.
    So here it is - left as a Sgt -22 years high band level 7 RAC Tank Commander , joined the TA -kept rank and seniority - but pay is my main issue here.
    Im currently on low band level 1 £75.78 - still in the same corps [RAC] all be it TA now - if you restart on the lower band lv1 then ill dry my eyes and crack on , However i cannot get a straight answer or at least half of one to get a foot in the door... to what the score is ..And don't say ask the PASO as i have and i have and i feckin have..
    Also applied for the 5 big ones for joining the TA i fit all the criteria - applied 6 weeks ago , when will it go in ? cannot remember but read something about a letter of notification?
    If there is a pay prob - when flagged up and simple to sort [ bone question ] do i wait the full month before it goes in - just asked around the TAC and seems to be the norm...

    before i start stepping on toes...

    Thanks in advance =D
  2. In order:

    You should go back onto your old pay band from everything I have read. No idea what level I am on but I am being paid about £82 as a sgt.

    All the details of the £5k offer are on armynet including a form which gets signed off by the CO. best way to ensure you get it is probably print it off, and take it in yourself. If I remember rightly it is something like £2k the first year with rest over subsequent years.

    Yes- backpay etc will come in on the usual pay run on the 1st of the month.

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  3. There is an Army Briefing note (ABN) on this very subject for ex Reg's joining the TA that they keep their seniority. The current DIN is also being rewritten as well I believe due to all the changes taking place over the last year for ex Reg's joining the TA.

    If you have access o Dii, then search on there for the ABN.

  4. Purple_Emperor and STILTS thanks for your reply and not so for my longtime no reply ... Again though i find myself wanting to break something ... Still no answer on what pay level i should be on , still owed money from last month and yes you guessed this month as well - just waiting on pay statements to what days are owed for this month.
    IT's now getting beyond a joke , i work 7 days a week - 4 days ADC and the others split between TA training weekends and recruiting events - so 30 days a month and have been since the 1st April.
    From what i have got a grasp on is this - my pay level should be as i left High Band LV 7 ,less of course the X factor -
    £93.12, so what i am owed is now running at £2000 + [ minus the usual tax etc] . And my Bounty level is still at Level 1 [ i did get £31.47 for my 1/12 of completed month of training ,which don't add up to the lv1 anyways] .
    The 5 grand bounty for ex-reg to TA was applied for still haven't had the letter to state that im on the program, [Just the usual MATTS to complete after Oct -Apr and i should be quids in ]
    SO all in all im loosing interest very rapidly , i would get more on the rock and roll approx 150 squid more ,pay less council tax , get more tax credit , pay less on fuel [ as would have to go no where] and wouldn't have to fork out double on scoff for a weekend away ...And i have been told i don't get Home to duty on ADC ? Advice on the next step would be appreciated [ a service compliant may be } ?
  5. Welcome to the TA.

    When complaints about pay go in the stock answer is "Its not a proper job, don't rely on the money, we're doing you a favour think of it as getting a bonus when its sorted out"
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  6. Did you fully discharge from the regs before applying to the TA or did you tick the box on JPA to transfer before you left? If there was a break in service then it may be some time before APC 'reactivates' your service record - 14 months is not unknown! If your service was continued there should be less delay but there is still likely to be a pause.

    Your pay band seems to be a secondary issue at the moment, as any pay would be better than none at all. I'd echo the comments above if you have been accepted into your previous corps at equivalent rank and trade. X factor goes from 14% to 5% though. Pay is always in arrears and will be 2 months in arrears for trg after the 17th of the month. One of those things you get used to and less of an issue once pay starts going into the bank.

    I don't quite see how you would get more on JSA, unless you're saying at least they would be paying you? £150 in the hand or £400ish to be paid - I'd hold out unless I was desperate. As for the HDT for ADC, its part of the T&Cs so shouldn't come as a surprise.

    APC should, through your PSAO/RAO, be able to tell you where youare with your transfer and therefore when you can expect to get paid and receive your bounty. In the meantime I would suggest patience. If you are experiencing financial hardship, as opposed to just being pissed off that the beer tokens are not flowing in, then speak to the PSAO about the scope for an advance of pay on your ADC. Might not be possible but worth a look.
  7. Blyth_spirit -Thanks for the reply - Being old and bitter twisted patience is not one of my virtues...