Pay rises - phase2

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Firthy556, Aug 29, 2010.

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  1. Anyone got a definate time scale of when your pay changes from the intial 13k or so to anything higher?

    Passed out of phase 1, weekend off and straight onto phase2 and as of my paycheck yesterday my pay hasn't seem to have gone up I thought it did on entering phase 2?

    Anyone shed any light on pay as a new recruit ?
  2. It goes up at your 6 month of service point. As it says on the site.

    Who told you otherwise?
  3. Where abouts does it say that on the armyjobs site, got the pay page but no mention of 6 month point, is it at that point I go onto the "Private" pay band and get 17k?
  4. Also is this counted from the first day of phase 1?
  5. Yes, its the 6th month point from your first day of service.
  6. Yup deffinatly 6 month point. I joined up on 2 july and i always get my rises on 2nd january.
  7. Until you get promoted, then yearly payrises will be from that date.
  8. Yeah i know but ive seen to it thats not going to happen any time soon haha.