Pay Rises for the 'poor'

Senior civil servants, MPs and ministers are in line for a 2% pay rise.

The Prime Minister's official spokesman said the Government had accepted the recommendations of the Senior Salaries Pay Review Body.

The increases will see Tony Blair's salary rise from £175,414 to £178,922.

For the rest of the Cabinet the rise will see their salaries go from £127,791 to £130,347.

Senior civil servants will also be in line for performance-related bonuses ranging from nil to 9%.

At the same time, the worst performing civil servants will get a "real terms pay cut" with increases of between nil and 2%.

Full details of the pay awards, as well as the pay increases for the armed forces and the prison service, will be announced later.
So, who are the 'worst performers'? Name and shame I say!!
Poor people are a waste of skin and should be put to death.

If you are poor, you lack ambition, drive, determination, stamina and a big wallet.

You aren't focused and don't deserve to breath the same refined air of those who posess the above qualities and have a few quid.

Burn the poor and use there melted corpses to line the motorways. :D

"When shit becomes valuable, the poor will be born without assholes."
Henry Miller.

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