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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by flutedbarrel, Aug 16, 2008.

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  1. Quick question please gentlemen.

    I was selected for Full screw on the last board. I completed my Junior commanders course last November. (This was done early for Instructor assesment) Anyway I have been told I will not wear my second until posting. My question is, will I get paid on posting or will it be back dated to the date of selection.

    Many thanks in advance.
  2. from when you become acting or substantive mate. what is your actual promotion date? (i.e. not when you came off the board - that is just selecting you for promotion in the next promotion year).

    you never get paid from date of selection for promotion - only from date of promotion itself. and that could be any time in the next year (simply speaking).
  3. Cheers for that, not really what I wanted to hear but thank you anyway!
  4. what, so you expected to get paid before you actually got promoted?!? :)
  5. Pay will be backdated but you will recieve back pay when you actually start wearing so if its a while could be holiday money.
  6. chuzu, backdated to when?
  7. You see its this kind of conflicting info thats confusing. I am not holding my breath but it woud be a touch if I received back pay.

    Thanks anyway lads.
  8. When i got my full screw i had to wait for posting to wear it i got back pay to the date of picking up, this happens because its not your fault theres no space for you in current unit or that you don't get posted that day. In the end i got about 400 quid back pay for 4 months between picking up and posting
  9. You have one year in which to be promoted..............YOU DO NOT GET **** ALL UNTIL YOU TAKE UP YOUR NEW POST and it certainly isn't backdated to your Seniority Date which I am assuming where the confusion lies...unless you are in a Rank Ranged post already before being assigned as Substantive rank and authority is granted for Sub Pay.
  10. picking up as in being promoted? or picking up as in coming off the board (i.e. being selected for promotion)?

    two different things, and i think you are confusing matters for flutedbarrel...

    he has been selected for promotion in the next promotion year i.e. "come off the board". he has not yet been promoted. his pay will not be backdated to the date he came off the board.

    please clarify your previous post(s)for his sake.
  11. FFS!!

    Being selected for promotion on a board is not your promotion date.

    Your promotion date will be decided by MCM (this will be your seniority date)

    You start to get paid in your new rank as of the seniority date. That's it. End of.

    If for some reason due to admin you are still getting paid in your previous rank after your seniority date, then that's when the back pay comes into play. You will only ever be paid back pay to the date of your promotion.
  12. take a deep breath joe_squad. chuzu is just confused. :)
  13. Thats what i meant i was told i had seniority from 2nd sept started wearing on posting the following jan got 4 months back pay.

  14. FFS
    Whats your problem, I asked a reasonable question nicely?

    Anyway that cleared it up nicely so thank you.