pay rise

talking to nurses in the mdhu, it seems that they are expecting a large pay rise next year.

the reasons given were that agenda for change have brought civvy pay closer to ours, and therefore ours is getting raised.

any truth in this? if so how much of a rise are we talking?
About 2 years ago i had a conversation with DNS (RAF) and she stated that a 'Critical Care Pay Spine' was being looked at! Nothing yet though!!

Your question seems to relate more strongly to the last AFPRB report though....

It stated that Military Nurse and 'PAM' pay was indeed slipping in its ability to compete with NHS pay. The report criticised the MOD (for a second year running) for failing to address the situation appropriately.

In the mean-time you, I and many like us just have to 'bite the bullet' or 'pack it in' and leave for the NHS (of course, that's easier said than done these day's- and therein is the best reason for the MOD to do as it pleases'- which is nothing!)

See pp. 27-30(inc.).....its fairly damning!
trust me, i won't.

so, am i looking forward to a rise or not then?

edit: i just read the afprb and i wont hold my breath. not sure why they think they are nailed on for a rise having read that :?

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