Pay Rise For Soldiers?

As a young subaltern currently attached to a royal irish hs bn, I have been amazed by the difference between their troops and those of my own battalion. Their soldiers are older, maturer and more reliable.

Some of this is due to the fact that they are always on ops, which not only makes the job more interesting, but avoids the 9-5, 5 days a week bore that you can experience on the mainland. The rest is due to the fact that they get paid a decent wage. A private soldier can be paid, within 1 year of joining his bn 1600 pounds a month( bank payment, and i have seen the payslip).

This is due to not only the usual NI pay, but also RPOD. The effect of this is that private soldiers can afford nice cars, a house and don't have to penny pinch as much.

The result of this is seen in the soldiers. You get 18 year Lance Jacks in rifle platoons, 15 year privates with the majority in a platoon being 25-30 years old. The standards they have are good and, better still, when a new recruit arrives from depot, they accept these standards as a personal norm, and not something which is done when your Cpl tells you. The choice you have for promotions again is excellent, as the quality is better to pick from as they see a decent future in the army.

What I am trying to show is that a better paid soldier is a happier, keener and more mature soldier. If the soldiers we have in gs bn's now had a marked pay rise, then we would not have a retention problem or a recruiting problem and we may even be able to pick the recruits we want, instead of accepting what comes our way.

I know all those boring majors with psc behind their names will pick holes in what i have written, but the basis i strongly believe to be true. To raise standards in the army and solve the recruiting and retention problem we need to pay soldiers more. What soldiers are expected to be able to do and know is similar to the police, who are paid far more. It is unjust. We expect a lot from our soldiers, yet they are paid worse than security guards. Someone should sort it out.
Agree entirely.

If and when this army of ours is paid a reasonable salary (one that genuinely reflects soldiers' professionalism and commitment*) we can begin a return to the very high recruiting and training standards that we enjoyed many years ago....and, like the man sez, be able to pick and choose who we take on.

..who can honestly say, with hand on heart, that standards haven't dropped over the last 10 years or so?

* the arrse factor?

What soldiers are expected to be able to do and know is similar to the police, who are paid far more. It is unjust. We expect a lot from our soldiers, yet they are paid worse than security guards.
You are preaching to the converted on this board !

Lobby your MP, write letters to the papers etc and sing it from the roof tops !
To wee_face. Well take the good of it now. Our time is numbered and you could be back in your GS Bn shortly. But it's nice to be appreciated. One point you missed out, is that the R IRISH HS live in NI, mostly in their own homes, so no MQ expence or charges to pay and equally for the MoD no MQ to provide either. A saving there for the MoD of course. Oh and no boarding school allowances etc etc.
The R IRISH are really cheap to have, so lets get rid of them and put the money into policing... sorry the SDLP are using that line now, glad I thought of it though as well, even though there's no psc after my name.

ps (Still on my first NI tour - its lasted 31 years so far)
You are preaching to the converted on this board !

Lobby your MP, write letters to the papers etc and sing it from the roof tops !
Now Ramillies, I have a feeling that you are, shall we say, not exactly a man on the periphery of things; that said you presumably know just what avenues are open to the right thinking amongst us to flag up these problems... are the options outlined by your good self above sanctioned or if I partake in them will I find myself having a caffeine deficient interview with a certain figure with a splendid pair of gorgets.  Every now and again I receive a  letter threatening doom and destruction if I talk to the press and telling me to contact PInfo if I want to so much as harumph in the general direction of the Torygraph; I have so far resisted these kind invitations as I am sure that I will be sent away with a thick ear if I raise anything that questions just how wonderful the troops' pay and/or conditions are.  Do you know just how free we are to talk or should I adopt a nomme de plume (or perhaps guerre!) for fear of finding an enraged spin doctor lying in wait outside the office?

OK a fair one !  :) We both know there are ways of doing these things especially when serving to ensure one is not bringing the Service into disrepute or overstepping the mark.

I was perhaps getting a trifle carried away in my reply but I still stand by the principle of making ones view known. Yes we should get paid more, in particular the married junior ranks who are forever doing more with less.

Units have visits by senior officers and politicians, and if pay and conditions is an an issue then do not be afraid to give your view backed with facts. For example, there are many married soldiers with children living in the UK who are just above the benefit line. Tell your visitor how many in your organisation including the relevant pay scales. Let the facts speak for the themselves.

I do not condone whinging but there is nothing wrong in giving your view. None of us joined the Army to be rich but we owe it to our soldiers when asked, to present their case as honestly as we can.

Singing it from the roof tops was I admit a bit over the top - but most readers hopefully took it in the manner it was meant !   :D
Thanks for that idea R, an excellent one - now how do we find just what is considered the poverty line, what level of pay triggers benefits etc so that we can put together a dossier, perhaps a template online here so that it can be used as widely as possible?  

And of course, if it online, a journalist might just stumble across it...

Possibly a job for our very own fiscal oracle, Forces_Sweetheart?
Come on then all you pay people, this is important!!

Let's get this moving, it's the sort of thing that ARRSE was born for!

Never mind a decent wage for a decent day's work, how about a decent wage for volunteering to possibly lay down your life for your country, put up with endless seperations, move every couple of years so that your wife/husband can't progress in their career or quite probably not even get any sort of decent job?  

And never mind that guff about how the 'perks' make up for it - adventurous trg for the few, a free gym that no one would pay to join in civvy street etc, etc, the depths to which those who try to equate the soldiers pay to ordinary people are truly laughable when they start to chuck those into the equation!  (With apologies to the SO2 who probably got an MBE for coming up with it)

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