Pay Rise for MPs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Auld-Yin, Mar 5, 2010.

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  1. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    MPs are to get a pay rise of approx £1000 per year.

    BBC News - MP's Pay Rise

    Does anyone harbour the thought, wrong though it clearly must be, that this is being hidden behind Brown's evidence (if it can be called evidence) to the Chilcott Inquiry?

    Good day to bury bad news?

    Soz if this has been posted elsewhere.
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    To repeat a much-used phrase: They just don't get it, do they? This comes after just over half of all MPs are found to be guilty of fiddling their expenses - a crime that would see Servicemen - and most Civvies - out of a job on their arrse toot sweet. Now they award themselves more pay, as they deserve the same as members of Professions that have taken years of training and practice to reach.

    MP (of the current crop) = Cunt

    is the only equation that makes sense.
  3. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    As this will make a difference to pensions and pay-off lump sums, I think they will all take it. Some might go through the montions of giving to charity, but in reality they are just ensuring they retain or rather increase the big bucks when they leave the House.
  4. As with the MP’s expenses crap a mere Mortal would have been prosecuted for fraud, however they are above the law.

    This is a true story of two SUS at MCTC. This was back in 1995 a Husband and Wife who were both serving in the RAF at the time, were sentenced to 28 days each for False Travel Claims.

    They were both stationed at the same Garrison (In England) but did not work in the same part of the RAF. They went on leave together (Same Car) to Scotland and both claimed a motor mileage claim.

    They both claimed that they did not the other was claiming for that particular journey, anyway BOTH were sentenced to 28 Day at the MCTC. (All for a couple of hundred pounds)

    I remember speaking to the Commandant at the time reference this case and he was of the same opinion as me only one was guilty as you could not prove that either knew the other one was claiming. (Of course they knew, however difficult to prove except in the military)

    28 days of liberty lost for a couple who indeed may have been dishonest, however it was or is not for me to judge, but when I see what these poor excuses for human beings (MP’s) are siphoning money which belongs to all the Good Hard Working People of Great Britain. (Notice not Britain, but ‘Great Britain’, the Great is something that this Labour Government never uses it only uses Britain)

    I cannot stand any politician from any party they have all lost my trust.

  5. MP = More Pounds
    MP = More Pennies
    MP = More Poison
    I wouldn't trust an MP to sit the correct way round on his own arrse :x
  6. Now come on Auld-Yin, they're only following the recommendations of the Senior Salaries review board. It's not the fault of the MPs if they're forced to accept a whopping pay rise, is it.

    What they wont mention is that the review board is told to set MPs pay on a par with the pay of judges, generals and hospital consultants.

    Chloe Smith is the new, Tory MP for Norwich North. She's in her mid-20s and hadn't even completed her post graduate accountant training when she was elected. What would she be in the army? A lieutenant, perhaps a junior captain? Why is Chloe worth about the same salary as the head of the army?

    Consider Emily Benn. She's Tony Benn's granddaughter. Adopted as a Labour candidate at the age of 17 while she was still at school and too young to stand in a general election, Emily is now 19 and approaching her second year exams at Oxford.

    How on earth is somebody in their final year at university going to manage to be an MP at the same time, let alone justify a six figure salary? When I was Emily's age, I was working in a chippy for ten bob an hour.

    Looks like the pi$$ taking is set to continue.
  7. Corrected for you :wink:
  8. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    Just goes to show,that as always,British MPs are still corrupt venal scum.
  9. No a CunT is useful, these W..kers are the shit you scrape of your shoe before you enter a building!! :x
  10. Corrected for you too. Currency hadn't been invented when I was a teenager. We were still using barter.
  11. Just to offer a different view (Please note that I am not defending them here!)

    Will serving soldiers complain if they receive a 1.5% payrise, or will they say that we should get the 3.5% where I understand inflation sits?

    The MPs, much as we all despise them, have awarded themselves 1.5%. Which is below inflation.
  12. Good point, but what does a soldier start on? £12k last time I looked. That's less than the allowances an MP gets for meals!

    Love to hear Labour MPs bleating about pay freezes for 'top' civil servants and 'wealthy' bankers. What do they think £120k is?
  13. Im afraid I disagree with that sentiment. They do get it, but they simply do not care what you or I think.

    Whatever you might think, most MPs are not stupid, they DO realise this constant troughing is alienating people and they know this will only cause further outrage. However, most of them just dont give shit. No one can stop them claiming all this cash (You can bet most are still hammering the expenses right now) and there is virtually no punishment for even the most brazen dishonesty, for that I give you the rancid wh*re Jackie Smith. ( I know personal insults like that dont add to the intellectual argument, but they sure do add to the flavour of rants such as this!)

    I believe MPs have lost sight of their role in society and what they are there to actually do. I dont think many of them truly believe they are meant to serve us and represent our best interests. They appear to have such a high opinion of themselves and therefore have a great sense of entitlement. We owe them for representing us!, and dammit they are going to make sure they get what they are entitled to! In the words of Michael martin (former disgraced Speaker of the house of commons) 'I did not come into politics not to take what is owed to me'

    The very worst in my opinion are the New Labour types, the 'Champagne Socialists'. To be honest, its no surpise that a Tory tried claimed for moat maintenance, dammit its almost a requirement of those buggers! But the new labour mob couldnt wait to dive headfirst into the sea of cash. Even when they get kicked out the get very generous ressettlement entitlements, absolutely takes the piss out of what soldiers get....Grr....

    There are too many professional politicians, and too many lawyers in the commons. You only have to look at Brown (god i hate that man!) a through and through power obsessed politician. His only ambition has been to be PM, not to serve, not to better our lives, just the grubby lust for power. And now he has acheived that power he is swiftly destroying britain in his own image, the one-eyed f*cking traitor.

    You only have to seehow many MPs voted that we, the tax paying public, should have no right to see what they actually spend our money on vis-a-vis expenses. My local MP was very smug that she wasnt flipping homes, but she still voted against allowing the public to find out who had.

    Go to this website and put your postcode in (for where you vote)

    You then get to see the voting record of your MP.

    I would prompt people to vote for a candidate who has never been in office before at the next election (within reason, dont turf out one of the few genuinely good MPs, and dont vote f*cking Labour!). Lets have a clean sweep and then keep the buggers on their toes.

    Anyhoo, the greedy buggers will take the pay rise, and will keep on claiming right up to the very last day. Shower of shit, the lot of them!
  14. Statistically you are right, there is however a slight difference between £60k+ and £20k+

    And after this past year you would think they would wind their necks in.
  15. 1.5% of 60K is a hellva lot better than 3.5% of Fu*k all