Pay Rise 2008/09

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by wrinkles, Feb 16, 2009.

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  1. Mid way through February and no mention of pay rise. In the current economic climate is it possible that no pay rise with be forthcoming this year?
  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    I'm sure I saw someone in here on another thread stating/speculating that the minimum allowed annual increase in the public sector was 2.5%. I'd love to believe it but don't hold out much hope for its correctness.

    And no, I haven't seen or heard anything on the subject. Anyone out there with better info?
  3. from "Top Level Messages" disseminated to us last week

  4. i will beleive that when i see it.
  5. Any link CR?
  6. With inflation at 0.1%, I can't see a decent rise coming our way.

    What happens if/when we get to Deflation? Do we get pay cuts?
  7. I like them saying "a 1% increase in the 'X' factor as though it means something.

    I hope they are mis-reporting and mean that a full 1% will be added to the salary, rather than a 1% increase to the x factor (1% of 14% = búgger all increase in final salary).
  8. Please Legs, don't admit in public that you have fallen for the lie that inflation is 0.1%.

    RPI (the figure you quote) is now meaningless.

    CPI is a little better, but is also massaged so much to be almost meaningless.

    The drop in fuel prices has been over-emphasised in the data, and the 'basket of goods' used to see price increases (or decreases) from the shops bears no resemblance to normal people's shopping habbits: unless you are in the habit of buying an iPod and plasma tv every month!

    Inflation varies for almost every demographic, but all official figures exclude the effects of taxation (for some reason). If you are a homeowner and working, your current rate of inflation is about 9%. If you are a homeowner and a pensioner then the rate increases to over 12%. Mainly caused by massive increases in Council Tax and pathetically small rises in the monthly pension payments. If the fall in property prices were to be added to the correct side of the equation then inflation would be even higher

    The CPI and RPI also fail to include: mortgage payments, electricity and other utility charges (which have risen by an average of over 35% in the last 8 months), and the contents of the basket of goods used is regularly manipulated to exclude those experiencing a price increase e.g. wine (increasing over 10% in price due to weaker currency).

    Wait for cars to be included with data compared to data collected 12 months ago (cars are now much cheaper, but who is buying any at the moment?).
  9. You will find that the 2.6% plus 1% X Factor was last years award.
  10. Dread, all true and acknowledged.

    However it is the RPI that our pay rises are based on - 'massaged' by HMG or not. So my statement still holds water, and my question still remains.
  11. We're not getting a pay rise. Just wothless shares in another bank that the Government has bailed out.
  12. To be honest, I cannot see anything above 1.5% if anything at all. With all the money being thrown at banks and industry, and unemployment nearing 3 mill the Gov wont want the public outcry if we get anything bigger
  13. Would aid further recruiting if the general public thought we were getting it good.
  14. In a recession I dont think we need any further help with recruiting. Just the fact of a regular income is enough
  15. It is OK as I'm paid too much and do not want any more. Please give extra to the poor children who at the age of 13 now have children of their own! Oh and please do not forget all MPs who are so underpaid that they HAVE to fiddle as much out of the system as they can!!