Pay review.

Discussion in 'ACF' started by papegojan, Jun 1, 2007.

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  1. I have heard this rumour from several sources, but in no great detail. My understanding is that we are going to have a pay review that brings us into line with the TA. If that is true I have a few questions
    1 Why? we are youth leaders. Why try and bring us parity with serving soldiers?
    2 How will it affect us as instructors? I can't see us all getting a pay rise, so what's going to happen?
    3 What's wrong with the pay system we have now?
    Basically I will carry on doing the job I do irrespective, but I've heard enough now to make me think there might be something in this rumour, and I confess to being curious, as obviously it's going to affect us one way or another.
  2. basically, some adults were complaining reference minimum wage, so Adult instructors will be brought on line in a different way. The were 3 options one being make adults part of reserve forces, but this was not the preferred. A new bracket I think will be designed for youth leaders working for MOD.
  3. Complaining about pay!

    Who are these tossers?

    If you do it for the money, you're a throbber!

    Leave the pay alone and bin these people.
  4. some of these Tublords will need a few months to lose weight to be fighting fit :D
  5. Not entirely Ture - I do not do Cadets for the pay and in fact most of my pay goes on mess bill at camp and buying Kit for self and unit, HOWEVER, there are a lot of Self employed people who go to 2 weeks camp and therefore do earn anything for that time - bit of a pill to swallow when Bills at home still need paying. I don't think that anyone would be a cadet leader for just the pay (it's too pants to do that) but for those who are self employed or have to take unpaid leave to fulfil cadet duties the pay is very important.

    I have a very good employer and together we have worked out a scheme for giving 1 weeks extra paid leave to Cadet leaders & TA (and other services). Unfortunately not everyone is as lucky as I!
  6. Some "THROBBERS" made a point about minimum wage and working hours with cadet forces,a descision was made about not doing this as it is a voluntary hobby (of sorts.)
    Paying a wage as such would only attract more of the dikcheads we dont want in this organsation.
    Pay is a bonus really but most are in it for nonselfish reasons, i work with set holidays and my annual camp has to be taken as unpaid leave from work, so a little bit of money at the end of the week helps, well most gets spent on the mess function really hahaha.

  7. In reply to Scuba Babe and Its a Troop.

    You obviously don't do it for the money. Neither do I. However, someone must be to have complained.

    I work with guys and gals who are self employed or don't get the time off paid and they have never complained about the money. There will be lots in the same position who have never complained, so whats the deal with the review.

    I have just been a pay review in my day job and lots of us lost out. I fear the same will happen here and we will lose good people who use the money to attend.

    As I said there are throbbers who do it just for the money and not the cadets. It's them who should be shown the door.
  8. I am self employed and it is good to know that if i go on a camp for a week there will be some money going into my account to cover things, however it wouldn't matter to me if it was £50 quid or £500 i became an instructor to do just that and not for the pay, These people who have moaned need to adjust their attitude towards the organisation and if they are moaning about things like that should p1ss off and stuff envelopes for the extra cash!!
  9. well said civdiv. my sentiments exactly
  10. i heard a rumour last year, that due to some throbber saying that the pay is below minimum wage, they were thinking of scrapping pay altogether and making it purely voluntary!! now that would sort out who's in it for the pay and who isn't!
  11. some self employed instructors, would be unable to attend, some who loses overtime pay or is forced to use unapid holidays to attend annual camp will also be forced to leave, the pay is n't big but it helps to soften any financial impact from loss of earning from teh civilian employment, there was a similar thread about this as well, we seemed to be repeating ourselves about pay/rank/walting/for the kids benefit/kiddie fiddlers etc

    it would be far better to talk about current everyday problems we encounter in ACF and post the situation here for advice and solutions etc , that is this forum is mainly for.
  12. Good point Semper.

    Let us all talk about the L98 and when its getting replaced.
    Oh and when are the ACF getting their LSW's back?

  13. Why replace the L98 as a CADET weapon, sorry, training aid, what more do you need, as for LSW's, for reality on camps and cadet exercises (fire & support) and also on the range, fair one. the L98 was produced for a reason, smaller than the SA80 (Mk 2), easy for the Cadets to handle, no requirement for a BFA and, for the politicaly correct, single shot, in my day (before the LSW came into existance) we had Lee Enfield 303 Rifles DP (cast off's from the MOD, shout bang bang) and occasionaly an LMG (with blanks) occasionaly we were let loose with SLR's and BFA's, however, they were the exception as opposed to the rule, we made do, count yourselves lucky with what you have now, as a Cadet I remember that we were the first to be issued with the L98 on Field Craft Exercises and what a buzz, no more shouting "Bang Bang", remember these are cadets we are talking about, not trained soldiers on Op's or Exercise.
  14. Long John Silver - in what way is the L98 smaller than the L85 - A1 or A2?

    The BFA makes the weapon safer, and an automatic (OK, self-loading) weapon would be a lot easier for many cadets to use, thus making it safer still.

    When I was a cadet we had the .303 Lee Enfield as well and it was great, but I've always been tall. The Civil Servant who dreamt up the L98 Cadet GP is a throbber. Now get this back on thread... :D
  15. If pay was scrapped and it was on an entirely voluntary basis we would not only lose the throbbers, we would also lose an untold number of good staff too, simply because they cannot take the financial loss. End result = Camps and weekends cancelled. Cadets lose out.