WO1s faired slightly better too (Up to 7.1%). Would not like to be in the same Mess, nay Country as a WO1 Pilot this week!!


War Hero
Could have been a whole pile worse, I suppose.

But pray tell...  Why do you lot seem so obsessed about £££?  Don't you covenant yours to the ABF?
Well sir, when you have a wife and 7 children plus 8 other children who are living with relatives in Council Houses, (Property given to you to live in by the local authorities in exchange for rent), every little helps. Of course having only been taught the basics at Comprehensive School (a school where everyone can go whatever your home background or educational standards, and it is even free), not wise enough to shop anywhere but NAAFI even when serving in the UK. So to be perfectly honest today is more important than any other day in the year and a great cause for celebration and no mistake.
What I want to know is who chose the posts to be examined to determin the band the individual trade was paid on?


Presumably they have missed the 1 from the front of the figures off or are we not getting the double digit raise that the strikers are being offered?

Oh silly me, I thought that being loyal servants of the Government and sorting out all the sh1te that our beloved leader drops the county in was worth a decent pay rise

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