Pay Review 2004

I heard a rumour today that the AF Pay Review Body will not report until April.
Is this a wheeze to put off a pay rise (if there is in fact one!) and save some MOD cash at our expense?!?

I'd like to say I don't believe it but past behaviour indicates otherwise.....



Could this be connected to the rumour that all personnel who have signed off will be invited to leave by hte end of march - cos the Army is SKINT!!!
no rumour FTB, I lost 2 blokes to that on friday afternoon.
Admin corridor rang and that was them gone.
What a crap idea that is.
You watch this space :roll:

Mr Paul Keetch (Hereford):To ask the Secretary of State for Defence, if he will list the (a) establishment and (b) strength of all ranks over major in the Army; and if he will make a statement.
N Mr Paul Keetch (Hereford):To ask the Secretary of State for Defence, for what reasons units are receiving lists of names for manning control review.
can I have my 2 lads back please, I should have 17 of my trade here, I have 6. its not good.
The out by the end of March thing is a cash saving ruse by the MoD that works along the lines of anyone who has signed off and who has a date for leaving the service up until the end of Sep 04 can opt to leave early, provided that they have cleared (i.e. taken any terminal leave, resettlement entitlements, etc) by that date. Any gizzits not cashed in then are forefitted in exchange for being able to walk out the door on 31 March or before.

I would emphasis that this is voluntary and they do not have to take up the 'offer' but clearly some will particularly if they can't wait to leave or have already got a job lined up that they can start early. Of the 6 soldiers we offered this to, 3 have taken the option, one is staying with his original dates and the 2 others have signed back on!

With regard to the AFPRB announcement, this was released today (Wed) and becomes public tomorrow (Thu) at 1000hrs Z.

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