Pay Review – Calling any Senior Officers for comment

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by rubicon, Feb 25, 2006.

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  1. It fantastic - no really, I mean it.

  2. We get what we deserve.

  3. It is a disgrace – we deserve better.

  1. Sirs

    I am aware that certain Senior Officers look at this site in order to gain feedback on the thoughts of those in the military – well try this lot for a bit of feedback.

    The pay rise given to us is 3% with 3.3% for the lower ranks- WOW. General Sir Michael Walker actually said “This pay increase recognises the high regard in which our people are held. It is a good result for them." Really?

    Let’s put this in to perspective. Inflation is at 2.4% which means that we are only just better off with a .6% increase over inflation. OK I could just about live with that but then look at the small print.

    The AFPRB has recommended significant, tiered increases to rental charges in order to bring SFA rental charges closer to civilian costs. The AFPRB were very cowardly about the way they announced this increase as the merely gave the bottom line figures and not the actual % increases. The RAF have broken down these figures and in effect this will mean for officers (other ranks aren’t any better off by the way) that between 42% – 59% of pay increase going towards increase charges – that before tax! It should also be noted that this is only the start – it’s to get much worse by 2009!

    Questions our Senior Officers should be asking is – why are the living quarters going to be charged at equivalent civilian rates? We have to move every 2 years and you cannot compare living accommodation of the military with civilian – it is utterly different. Yet again our Terms and Conditions of service are being salami sliced away! (rail cards now cost £12!!)

    Is this some strange policy by the Govt to drive us out of expensive quarters and in to our own houses but then suffer enforced separation as we move every 2 years? I thought the Govt were interested in retention but this seems to be a good way to drive us out of the military!

    Senior Officer should make a stand but of course it ain’t going to happen. I think they will all be eyeing the greasy pole and thinking of their seat in the House of Lords – where of course in the years to come they can stand up and say “this Govt is not supporting our military”

    - ohhh wash my mouth out!

    Any Senior Officer wish to comment about the AFPRB report and the disgraceful increase in quartering charges, and, what appears to be a dubious Govt policy? General Michael is this really a good result for us – surely we deserve better?
  2. At the moment our subsidised rents are taken into account when assessing our salaries.

    I've always thought it wrong that we do not pay a market rent but our salary should reflect this and be adjusted accordingly The advantage to this course of action is that it would be easier to move into the housing market and live in your own house (since you are already paying what amounts to a substantial monthly payment and won't notice the difference). Also, in the long term our pensions are based on actual payment not benefits received.

    The trick of course is to ensure that the AFPRB ensure that salaries keep track of rent increases.

    Any of you out in ARRSELAND need to ensure that when you (or your mates) are put in front of the AFRB that they make this point loud and clear.
  3. Percy

    Good points but will the AFBRB listen? Probably not! By 2009 you will be paying the equivalent of a reasonably sized mortgage on your quarter but no equal increase in salary should be expected. We will be screwed again.

    I have a house and would dearly like to live in it but its no where near where I am currently posted and the chances are I won’t live there until I leave the military.

    Any Senior Officer like to comment on the AFPRB report or are you just looking forward to the G&T in the House of Lords?
  4. Yes this is true. When our salary is calculated it is supposed to be comparable to a similar civilian career THEN the x factor is added to give you an increase for the uncertainty and problems of service life. What they don't routinely publish is that the X faxtor is actually reduced in the form of an abatement percentage which is due to our non contributory pension and our cheap housing, therefore any increase in housing charges should be matched with a decrease in the abatement, which would further increase your take home pay. They have increased the quarter rates, BUT NOT decreased the abatement!

    Robbing B@st@rds! :evil:
  5. Well said rubicon. The days of the Irishman's pay rise are back with us. Sadly this does represent the slow and inevitable decline in accompanied service and probably the married man's army.
  6. rubicon wrote
    i bought my house last year because i was sick to the hind teeth of throwing money down the drain in quarters (as well as d.h.e telling me that my kids had to share rooms) i only pay £100 more now for my mortgage & council tax than i did in my last quarter & at the end of the day the money is going towards something.

    why can the forces not be treated more fairly when it comes to pay rises? 3% of feck all as a wage is still feck all at the end of the day but 3% of an officers wage is a nice pay rise. who needs the money more at the end of the day.

    i only have 3 years left or i would be long gone, pension prisoner.
  7. This is typical issue for the new BAF to take up with the CocC. There will be no other acknowledgement by Snr offrs - what can they say (sorry!)?

    Sadly it is underhand treatment like this that underminesconfidence in ouir CoC - who must (at some level) have agreed these changes.

    will they now stand up? - no chance!
  8. Moan Moan Moan aagghh poor wee you. With a final salary pension scheme, free dental and healthcare, paid sports and allowances for everything. If you were good you would be in a fast moving and dynamic commerical organisation in the real world. The fact is that most soldiers have a lower IQ than their peers in civil employ. Thats is why your paid less. IQ has a direct relationship to pay. Who earns the most a 26yr old Cpl in the RMP or 26yr old Dentist. Answers on a postcard. The fact is that married quarters are breeding ground for dull uneducated offspring and fat lazy biffa wives. The folks at the treasury have decided to slowly get rid of them. Also as from Autumn 2007 all service wives must weigh less than 71% of the weight of their husband or there will be compulsory jaw wiring surgery carried out at the local NHS hospital and the cost of the operation will be recovered by the Pay Office at the rate of 3 days pay a month until the debt is cleared.
  9. But 3% is generally all that's being offered to other workforces.

    And I can assure you that some of the workforce where I am, who work a standard 12 hour day, and then as much overtime as they can find, aren't earning as much as a Lance Corporal.
  10. Kieran_DeCommunity wrote

    can i move to live beside you then fella, you obviously live in the land of milk & honey.

    don't tar us all with the same brush. i've watched wife-swap don't you know!!!!
  11. I imagine from you vitriolic comment that you hate servicemen and have never been in the forces?
  12. Surely the accommodation costs are going to continue to rise, in order that more servicemen and women elect to buy their own homes. The knock-on effect is that they can sell off more housing and land. That could possibly work if they accepted longer tours, as recommended by the Bett Report many moons ago, howewer most servicemen and women will simply vote with their feet and leave. It's nothing to do with duty, simply that our services deserve better. We accept the constant mucking about, pads have to move their kids around every 2 or 3 years, wives/husbands can't get proper career opportunities, it's often difficult to tell where you'll be tomorrow, next week or next month. But we at least expect that to be taken into consideration and get good living standards when we're back in barracks.

    Ha ha ha. Brilliant....and they keep telling me that Peter Kay is funny. He's clearly an imposter. Just one minor thing? Being a bit of a thicko I'd appreciate your help in substantiating those 'low IQ' facts. Winding up simple-minded squaddies like me is like shooting fish in a barrel!

    I bet those people aren't expected to put themselves in death's way if the job requires it though.
  13. No, they're not, but they're paid a salary that will attract them and keep them in.

    Pretty much like the Army. If the MoD suddenly saw a couple of battalions leaving simply because of the 3%, then they might do something about it, which is what a civilian company would do if salary levels were seen to be the major barrier to recruitment, but until that day, as with the rest of the population who are employed by HMG, you're going to get inflation+ wages.

    The argument should be made for increasing base salary levels as a separate issue, not for increases that vastly exceed inflation.
  14. Has any one got the new pay scale for next year?

  15. So Kieran... Let's have a look through your very educated paragraph, bet there are no mistakes...

    1. Allowances for everything you say?.... Talk only of subjects you know about!

    2. You said..."The fact is that most soldiers have a lower IQ than their peers in civil employ." ...Employment, mensa not employ! (Bad England)

    3. "Thats is why your paid less" ... "Thats is why". What way is that to start a sentence Kieran?

    4. "IQ has a direct relationship to pay." 2 words Kieran, David Beckham...

    5. "Who earns the most a 26yr old Cpl in the RMP or 26yr old Dentist" Kieran, that sentence should have been finished with a question mark, and the word dentist did not need to be started with a capital letter.

    6."The fact is that married quarters are breeding ground for dull uneducated offspring and fat lazy biffa wives." you could have said "are a breeding ground. Or even "are breeding grounds". Biffa is not actually a word recognised in the English dictionary.

    Anyway I could have continued to mock your highly educated, higher IQ, Dynamic, good, fast moving self, but I really can't be bothered because my very loving, slim, attractive, honest, and understanding wife has just cooked my dinner, while my 9 year old son has been laughing along with me at your pathetic attempt at a paragraph. Might I just highlight, it was ONE paragraph with so many mistakes. Obviously your fast moving and dynamic commerical organisation in the real world is much better off with you on board, are you the companies dyslexic, or just a dull uneducated offspring from some fat biffa wife? Kieran I hope life brings all that you wish for and hope one day you do not require to be protected by one of this countries young brave men and women.
    Kieran... Roses are red Violets are blue I think your'e dyslexic "Apple Pie".