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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by RMP_boyio, May 28, 2010.

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  1. Normally you can view soldier and offcier pay as two attachments on the right, however they have been removed, any ideas?

    Mines that the old pay charts have been taken down so Lib Dems can live up to manifesto promise-"Giving a pay rise to the lower ranks to bring them in link with other emergency services".


    New pay charts after Armed Forces Pay Review Body (though that was ages ago)?
  2. It's all still available on - search "pay": will bring you current scales, comparators back to 90/91 and various graphs showing relation to other sectors.

    Probably just housekeeping on the Army site.
  3. You're hopeful!

  4. on the recruitment adverts on tv they are offering "over 17k after training" im guessing the new government have done something they said they would do :O
  5. Hopefully - but not yet. The L1 scale for a Pte is £14 over 17k since 1 Apr.
  6. Private Level 1 after training is £17,014 already!
  7. Last time I did the maths we were approximately £5k a year lower than our rough equivalent in the Police.

    Whats the starting point for a trained Fireman, Copper and Paramedic ?

    How do NCO/Offr rates compare now with Plod ?

    .....memories of the "Spitting Image" where one Cabinet Member asks "...why do we pay student nurses so much less than trainee Policemen...." The Norman Tebbit puppet starts smacking the others head off the table, saying..." We pay the Police more because they stop the student Nurses rioting...."
  8. soldiers may get 5k less but they also get discount/free rent, council tax, petrol, ect ect
  9. whats this etc etc. I pay my way like most civvies do
  10. Good to see the RMP using their amazing detective skills :roll:
  11. Access to a Gym
    Free Dental Care (small waiting lists)
    Free Medical Prescriptions (small waiting lists)
    Heavily subsidised rent
    Heavily subsidised food (if you stick to the core menu)
    Clothing & PPE for work

    Etc, etc, etc :wink:
  12. So you think these perks makes up for the measly junior ranks wages?

    edited to add, im not moaning about the wages, like everyone else I knew how much I was getting when I signed on
  13. You asked what the ect, ect, ect was :p

    Not forgetting:

    Travel claims
    38 fully paid days leave a year (incl the 8 bank holidays)
    Gratuity & Pension
    Subsidised Beer (in the messes) :D :D
  14. Haha, clearly fighting a losing battle here, but still, A few extra quid would be nice. :p