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Geezers - A question for the budding RAOs...I've got a fairly sizeable GPD due to overpayment, can the Army recover that money at money that 4 days gross pay per month without even discussing it with me? At the moment they are taking the money back at an amount which is leaving me with less than MDR each month and saying that's just how it is? J1 staff are being particularly useless and the SO3 today even stated she wasn't a pay expert and therefore would need a few days to look it up! Cheers, H.
Yes, dont spend what wasnt yours in the first place. Appreciated that is the DS answer, and the reality is everyone does (me included) but if the money re-coup is going to hit you hard they will come up with a sensible plan (or should do) provided you give enough facts.

If the facts are you need money for beer tokens, it wont wash.
Thanks. What's the point then of even having the concept of the MDR if they are going to leave you with less than that? Also, where does the 4 days gross pay deduction come into it? It's still listed in the JSP as the amount they are supposed to recover each month.
It should be a sensible compromise between you and the RAO dept, days of old with £1k missing in one go are (l believe and hope) long gone. I had great fun trying to survive on £100 or so for one month in 1995.

Clearly everyone has different circumstances, so will require a meeting initially with your Chief Clerk, and they should be able to answer all your questions buddy.
To be fair, you will have been notified on your SOE 2 months prior to the Deduction taking place. You will have seen a massive debit and credit for the same amount, which will be the same amount as your NPD. You will also see the words NPD on your SOE.

As the SPS are not mandated to do 100% SOE scrutinies every month you may have been in the 90% of the SOE's that were not checked that month by your Cbt HR Spec.

The NPD will be recovered at the sum of 4 days Gross pay per month until it is recovered, or if that is too much for you you can put up a case to ask for it to be taken at a lesser amount, although be prepared to provide evidence of your income and outgoings to back up your case.

Not ideal I know, but that is the system (and you do get 2 months warning before the recovery will start).

Bear in mind that if it is less than 4 days Gross Pay that you have been overpaid then it should be deducted in 1 payment (but even that doesn't always happen).

If this deducted takes you to below the MDR, then you will receive a credit on your SOE to take you back up the MDR (50% of your Net Salary).

Simples !!
daylightshubbery - I absolutely agree with your email and have no problem at all with repaying the debt. My issue is that they are recovering the money @ nearly two thirds of monthly salary per month for the last three months without even discussing this issue with me. This is including salary advances which I assume are supposed to return me to the MDR but to even claim that would be laughable. I await another discussion with SO3 J1 tomorrow. H.

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