Pay rates for a rejoin

My husband has rejoined the SG and went to Catterick last weekend - He is still waiting to see the Company pay Clerk to determine what wages he will be on. Just wondering whether anyone out there could have an idea
1) He served in the SG from 1994 to 2000
2) He has rejoined this month
3) His paperwork is stating he has 5 years time served
4) He has rejoined as a Guardsman

I am unsure looking at the payrates, what level he could be on and whether he is classed as higher or lower

Does anyone know?
this is one thing that nobody can seem to answer,
ive asked the same question ref my re-join and get told pretty much the same thing by ACIO and GLASGOW,
its decided once your back in and is based on time out, relevant skills blah blah blah
friends who have recentley gone back have gone on the pay level they was on before leaving, dropped down to level 4 or 5 and there is also a guy who joined RTR after being in RLC and went back onto recruit pay
Hi all,
Still after advice on this subject - As mentioned earlier, hubby went to catterick on 19th Oct as a rejoin - Spent one day in training and then straight over to Bn.
His clerk informed his yesterday that his paperwork had been transf over and to see the pay clerk today - He has been told today that he will be getting cash at the end of this month but they have given him no indication as to what he will be earning. Is this the norm? With a mortgage and 2 kids to feed, i am slightly concerned
Please can anyone with any experience pls reply to me
Many thanks
hi this sort of thing came up when i went out to canada last year on WRP, i'd left the army in 2005, and came back in on my old pay scale, or1 band 7 lower, but another guy who had left in the 90's (pre paycut 2000) was put on to band 1, he had to phone glasgow every week for a few months before he got put on to the right pay band, but the army did pay all the fees and charges that were caused by this, so hope fully he should get his full pay and any problems caused sort be sorted out, not that that will be much help now, maybe the RAO can grant him a EPIC payment to help.


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