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I was posted on promotion to Germany but sent on 5 weeks leave before I even arrived at my new unit. The question is will my next wage include any Pay rise and allowance entitlements, or, will it stay the same until I physically arrive at my new unit and book in with them. Many thanks.

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Your pay and any related allowances relevant to rank and theatre are effective from your TOS date. Normally this is seamless because you arrive at new unit, book-in (hence being captured on JPA Move & Track) then go on leave. In your case it will be backdated. Although I stress you may have to ensure this is done.
That makes sense. Thank you for clearing that up. JPAC informed me that as it stands I am being payed at acting rank pending CLM. They are unaware that it has been completed. Ill be sure to chase it up when I arrive. Thank you for the information gents.

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Pay for promotion will start with effect your promotion date on your assignment order (you will be Move and Tracked on JPA effective from that date in you new rank - Acting or Substantive, it makes no difference) your allowances will not start for Germany until you physically arrive - you can not get LOA for a location until you are actually in that location as a perm or temp arrival, likewise with any LSA etc you may be due. Hope this is of help.
You should have turned up and got arrived on JPA in Dec. You would not have got the LOA for the relocation leave but you would have for the other 3 weeks, but hey its a lesson for the future.

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