pay question

is there a set in stone date when pay gets finalised what day of the month does pay get processed, i would like to claim something however would i get the money for it this month or next month, i get payed the last day of every month, would the pay be sorted by the 20th..
If you are making a claim on JPA Expenses (eg, Travel Claims) then they are paid within 2-3 days and have nothing to do with the main pay run.
Quick question to any pay guru's please. What is the current FFR for US Dollars, tried the link on Armynet and got 2010 figure.
Is it too early to ask if we are going to get paid on Christmas Eve this year?
I get PAID, notice the spelling, Mongs, on the Eighth, her indoors, receives hers on the ninth, her
pension being PAID on the First. My Pension also being PAID on the first.

Yeah, brill, four PAY DAYS per' I'm still fargin' skint!!!!!!!
You'll be fitting it with oxygen and a defibrilator and taking it to North Yorks in Sept then !
You silly boy, JD, retired/pension from HMF after 22yrs of undetected crime!

What's going on in N. Yorks?

Oxygen? Mmmm... I loiks J. M. Jarre but not as much as I loiks Alice Cooper!

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