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DodgerDog said:
TA personnel before you question te X factor - you get a 5% x factor included in your pay without any of the turbulence that it is supposed to compensate for
Page ten on this thread:

Now I was under the impression that we got no X Factor in our basic stab pay. This is the first I've heard of getting 5%. Is this arrser talking b0llocks or have I been walking round my cave with my fingers in my ears?

By the way, don't bother asking the poster for any evidence:

DodgerDog said:

Do your own homework!

I am not pay orientated but was a Training Major and took an interest in my TA Soldiers, something it would appear to me that you do not do for yours.
I await the knowledge of those that are more informed than me :D
Thanks for the link. I might be being a really thick tw@t but I'm not sure that answers the question.

It dosen't seem to say that all TA pay is at 5%, only for some (mainly FTRS I think).

Can anyone make it really simple for me? :slow:
Sorry to say, Stab, but the whole x-factor issue seems to be some kind of archane dark art. I've recently been told two different versions,. First one being that we don't get it if we're being paid on MTDs (even for extended periods) but do if we're on FTRS as our pay is less than the equivalent regular soldier's. The second that we lose x-factor if on FTRS rather than MTDs.

I've given up asking just in case it costs me money...

...Good luck figuring it all out, I can't wait to hear the outcome of your enquiries.
Having again spoken with DodgerDog, it would appear that the rates of pay for 'normal' TA duties are the same as for an FTRS commitment with 5% X-Factor. FTRS home commitment (no X-factor) rates are lower than 'normal' TA pay. I've also double checcked my maths against the regular rates of pay.

Therefore, we are indeed paid 5% X-factor for sod all.

You learn something new every day.

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