Pay Query - Nightmare


Please help.

Have been overpaid and got a NTOverissue showing for a grand. Shouldn't have happened as i pointed this out at the onset.

Still, it has, the RAO didn't tell me, I noticed it on last month armynet pay statement, am on sick leave, discharge may.

Called RAO today, was informed oh yeah, forgot to tell you, will be recovering this as per 4 days pay, possibly end of april (thanks for the warning). Bascially, forgot to tell you.

CO wants a letter. Am I right in assuming that I should of been told once discovered (in Feb by RAO) and am I right in assuming I could appeal this? RAO error etc. Can they take it from my Terminal Grant without authority and my pay without the said authority? that seems to be what they have done....

Am truggling to make end meet, mortgage will suffer and medical treatment as I won't afford them both.

Am in shit state medically and find condecending prats not offering help but hiding behind JPA.

Thanks all.
Go to the Army Welfare Service..........these people have helped one of my bods in very similar circumstances!

Your Unit should be able advise you, but if you want..........send me a pm me and I will find out a contact number and name for you next week.

You should also realise that the JPA is a bit of a smokescreen at present....nobody knows what is going on.
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