Pay query, good luck with this! Right before I go to Telic!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Cooler_King, Oct 30, 2006.

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  1. OK

    Achieved Lance Jack June 2 2006.

    Last month was promised all back pay (now approx £2000) and pay rise accordingly. All of the paperwork was sent away two months ago.

    Today's pay slip not only shows that I am still on private wages but also that I have been charged an extra £200 for accomodation and food from joining the unit in June. That leaves me approximately £600 wages for the month.

    Approached the Pay Office / RAO.

    Told her I have held the rank for 5 months now.

    Told her about student loan, car repayment, mortgage etc.

    Got told Tough! No advance of pay because I dont qualify. Actually got told that btw. Got told it was my fault for having a house and a car and I should budget for when the army doesnt pay me. Got told it wasnt her problem and it was mine. Left office with Juniour Rank tail firmly between legs. :x

    I leave for Telic 9 in 4 weeks before my next pay cycle.

    What options do I have to get all the pay entitled to me before I get on the transport at Brize?

    My parents are talking about going to the press since I can't actually afford to leave camp and see them!

    What, realistically can be done. Because at the moment I feel taking a shovel to a few heads. :twisted:

    Also what are my rights under Civilian Employment law because technically I have completed work and not been paid for it. :idea:
  2. do me a favour mate pm me with your details and i shall see what i can do to help you
  3. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Go speak to your OC in the first instance. If he is any good, expect a little action in the RAO's office shortly.

    As to Adv of pay - there are ways. It boils down to the RAO actually having the guts to help a soldier, standing up to the Inspection Team rather than quoting Regs that can be used to take the path of least resistance.

    If you really are getting nothing, let loose your parents on the press. Bet you get your pay sorted in less than 24hrs! It might be interesting if you give us an update in due course
  4. Thanks all. Very much appreciated.
  5. PM me with details mate, and I may be able to give you the by the book solution. Just one question though, is it a Pay 2000 transfer problem ?
  6. We had the same situation in my squadron, real sh1t head, she used to sit there eating biscuits doing feck all, any time you had a problem, oh its down to glasgow, its down to glasgow again, yah yah, bullsh1t!!!! Bone idle fecking b1tch, just sh1t at her job and couldn't be bothered to get off her skinny ass to do anything. If you started shouting at her, she'd just pretend not to understand (yep another bone idle tw@ from St Vincent who thinks the world owes her a living) She's been sacked now thank fCuk
  7. i know the one in question. and correct on all accounts, how many times did i want to smash her in the grid for being a lazy bitch? iv lost count. lads were threaders with her, COC loved her as she wasnt bad to look at and made brews

  8. IT will be good to hear the come back of that one.when i was in it was called, local unpaid lancejack (LULC) ALLBEIT WAS ONLY FOR ABOUT 2 MONTHS.then got back payed. :twisted: :evil: :twisted:
  9. Easiest way mate is go to your troop Staffy or Stripey (hopefully there hairy arsed old sweats) tell them the score and 9 times out of 10 it gets sorted as i have experianced in the past. They carry a bit more weight rank wise than yourself no offence, and they will tell the jumped up fecking clerk to get off her g10 arrrse and get it squared away