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Pay Problems

What the hell is going on in "Puzzle Palace" (APC)?

I wish these people would sort our pay out, and prompt. My pay has been f***ed up now for 11 months. All I get is "Wait out on JPA, we are so busy"

God this is so depressing. I've contacted (and nagged) my admin office, Soldier Magazine, APC etc - Still getting underpaid.

Should I contact my local MP? Any advice on what to do next?????

Ive heard in Civvi Street, if you're pay is messed up real bad (like mine!) you can take your employer to court............... :?
Yes, post your question in the RHQ - more likely to get the answer you want there.

But from what I understand, JPAC is yet another bit of fcuked up software from a civvy company doing it a la cheap, i.e. lowest bidder wins again.

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