Pay problems?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by allyleventhal, Feb 2, 2007.

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  1. im thinkin of joining either 39th sig reg or r.mon RE based in bristol, and im wondering if everyone encounters problems with their pay? cos i have no job and im in college atm, so money is a bit of an issue...just looking for some reassurance that the ta doesnt **** up everyones pay haha or if anyone is in either of those units who could tell me a bit about them, cheeers
  2. Good to see that you ask about pay and only then ask if the units are ok?

    I've always got on well with everyone I've met from 39 Sigs and in particular the Bristol/Gloucester contingent.

    I only know a couple of R Mon RE and all from the Welsh side of the border but again they've been sound people.
  3. lol im going to visit the units soon so askin people for their opinions of them wasnt my main quiery
  4. If you go anywhere the Bristol Troop 100 Field Squadron make sure you do the following

    Hang on to your wallet
    Pack a sense of humour
    Ensure you have a spare liver!

    They have a bit of a reputation for work hard, play hard and are strong rivals to 108 Squadron, over who can max out on the partying front :)
  5. haha baldrick that was one thing i was wondering, that if i joined teh TA i wouldnt be able to drink much anymore (so as to keep up fitness), but by the sounds of things TA guys are regular pissheads!? haha not baddd

    'hang onto your wallet' - unfamiliar with this phrase? haha :frustrated:
  6. I wouldn't say any soldier is a piss head, just work hard and party harder. Just standby for the rifting if you can't work following the party!

    As for the wallet.............. just noticed you're a student, so it will be empty anyway :twisted:
  7. Glasglow? Mess something up?

    :frustrated: :frustrated:
  8. Myself and mate also had problems with our pay being only paid for three days work in a month we worked at least seven having to wait months for it to be corrected and hes still waiting hopefully next month will be the one for him.

    Basically the best thing to do it write down everytime your there so you can see the clerks and give them dates if theres any problems.

    Also seeing as your just joining up it can take three months for your application to join the TA to be cleared by Glasgow this means you can be doing work for the TA and having to wait for your Army number something you get once your application is cleared and you need it to get paid.

    Join up but you'll likely have to wait abit for the pay and fight for it like everyone else. :thumleft:
  9. msr

    msr LE

    Funnily enough, I got paid at the end of my first week on my current job.

    Army pay - be the best?


  10. Why are you unsure as to the number of days you worked ("worked at least seven"), when you write down everytime you're there?

    Fcuking good job you're not inputting every other buggers pay!!!!!
  11. wwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  12. I haven't been paid in six months and have completed the whole of recruit training... Don't you just hate being the unlucky **** who get's the new guy at Glasgow to sort his pay out? Plus I'm a student so really need the money :D:D. Should be able to afford a round once it does get to me though.
  13. problem?
  14. Sounds like you've had a bad experience with them Baldrick, what happened?

    Come on, the TA Forum is short of drinking/war stories!
  15. P

    No bad experiences with the R Mon mate. Far from it, all the ones I've bumped into have been top blokes (even if they are Welsh) You just need a strong liver as they like to work hard and play harder. The hang overs can be murder at my age ..........

    Their composite Squadron on Telic 2 had the best hooch supply in the middle east :)