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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by MrBane, Jul 30, 2011.

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  1. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Hi guys,

    I've only just been able to check my pay statement for various reasons, biggest one being total lack of Internet and JPA access. I find that instead of my normal wage I've been hammered for something and am left well short. Considering I have a Standing Order for almost the exact same amount as what I've been paid this month to cover mortgage and house stuff and considering the wife and I leave on holiday to Switzerland in six days, I'm pretty fucked.

    I have this on my pay statement:


    GPD Offset Taxable 213.60

    GPD Offset Non Taxable 14.55

    GPD Non Taxable -14.55

    GPD Taxable -213.60

    LOA - Temp Arrears -14.55

    LSA Arrears -213.60

    Basic Pay 2411.62

    NPD Offset -33.75

    PAYE 313.40

    NPD 33.75

    CILOCT Single Arrears 1.35

    NI D 163.43

    CILOCT Single 2.79

    Single Accm Charge 66.96

    Service Days Pay Giving 7.93

    Single Accm Charge Arrears 32.40

    I have no idea what's going on here. There's no mention of anything coming off in any of my previous pay statements.

    Regiment has gone on block leave and I live at the other end of the country.

    Any advice, JPA numbers to call and scream at etc, would be greatly appreciated as unless I get a very immediate bank loan or an overdraft (Which my bank charges for) then I'm screwed for bills, holiday money, etc.

    Many thanks.

    P.S- The statement is attached if anyone needs to have a closer look to see what's going on there. It's gibberish to me.
  2. I can't help too much, unfortunately.

    Firstly, and probably best - the JPA helpline is 0800 0853600 - lines only open Mon to Fri, 0700 - 1900, but you should be able to get them to respond, at least, before you go on hols.

    The first 4 are offsetting each other - this may be down to the recent HMRC review of MOD allowances. You haven't lost out. Same for the NPD and NPD Offset - pay neutral.

    I would say that you were paid, last month, as being abroad for a little longer than you actually were. Hence the LSA and LOA recovery. If the paysheet wasn't so small, I could see your day rates and work out how long they've clawed back for.

    The same applies to the CILCOT Single and Single Accm Charge arrears - those appear to be for about 1/2 month?
  3. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Hi mate,

    Thanks for the help!

    If you save the image you can view it and zoom, that's the best I can do unfortunately.

    It's confusing, because I'm in receipt of GYH for my property in Glasgow which is roughly £330 a month I think, but there's no mention of it on this pay slip. I've looked back over the past few months and there's no massive difference between the amounts being paid, when I get LOA etc then I don't get GYH so it all sort of evens out to the same amount.

    I'll call JPA on Monday, thanks for the number, and try to get this resolved. If they've cocked things up and I should have got GYH if they've took my LOA etc off me, then is there a way to quickly get back the difference? (That's assuming they've mucked up)

    Also, surely to god there must be some format for informing me they're taking this money off me? I'm sure I've had it before where a month or so prior there was a message at the bottom of the payslip saying "On this date we'll start to take back 'xx' amount until 'xx' is paid off"

    I live in Glasgow as I mentioned, so worst case scenario, I'll go and kick some doors in at the Glasgow office. :)
  4. (Danger - assumptions being made!) But this month, you were a full month in the UK? And you were being back-charged a half month for being in the UK last month. So you might actually be due 6 weeks worth of GYH?

    There is an emergency payment system through JPA, I think, and the EPIC system (which is Regt - again, I think - and they're on block leave but there must be somebody about? Orderly officer or whatever?)

    I think that only kicks in for larger repayment amounts. Here, although the combination of the loss of the LSA / LOA and the non-payment of GYH is enough to cause you issues, the arrears deducted only amount to just under 11% of your basic pay. Legally, I'm fairly sure they are in the right.
  5. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Hi mate,

    Again, thanks for all this, I really appreciate it.

    Yep, full month in the UK this month although I've spent three weeks away on course which I've been booked out of the unit for, though I should have got LSA due to working weekends.

    I'll call them on Monday and try to sort something out. Realistically, I only want to look at getting money off them if they've made an error somewhere and I'm owed some. I was in Kenya for six weeks last month but as far as I'm aware there were no problems with it.

    Thanks for this mate, loads better just to have things clarified. Why the Pay Statements have to resemble heiroglyphics is beyond me!
  6. You unit should have a duty clerk so I would phone them as well and ask them to look into it.

    JPA might just tell you to go through you unit first as all they will have done is action what your clerk has put on JPA.

    If you have been paid to much they can take up to 4 days pay of you a month to recoup the amount however if you have a good clerk they would have warned you this is going to happen.
  7. By 'eck. I don't want to demean your problems, but at one stage when I was in the mob they owed me more in subsistence than I got paid in 6 months.

    I had to take out bank loans to cover my credit card payments (I was gullible I used my credit card to pay for fuel for my car and for hotel bills on the assumption that the money would be reimbursed swiftly enough to avoid paying interest). When the money didn't come through I ended up paying interest charges that the army refused to refund. Eventualy I got an apology from some SO1 in the pay branch but was still out of pocket.

    The furor which ensued when I declined to use my car any more was epic and when I said that I wouldn't pay for hotel accommodation from my own resources in future, it was like being charged with reason.

    The situation lasted about 18 months and was then resolved but by f the amount of buck passing and bullshit I had to endure at the time was astronomic.

    Anyway, hope you get sorted.
  8. Brilliant typo. :judge: Utterly classic.
  9. You could also try this number for JPAC in glasgow 0141 2243600.
  10. Did you get paid a full 2 months LSA and LOA? If so, this is the overpayment being taken back. What do the dates at the bottom of you Pay Statement say? They should tell you the days you were over paid.
  11. I preferred this one:

    Long month! No wonder he's having problems! ;-P:thumleft:
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  12. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Haha. Just noticed that myself.

    What seems to have happened is that because I was away over two months I got paid LSA & LOA for the full two months. I didn't notice this on my pay statement as it worked out at almost the exact same amount as it would had I just been getting my GYH pay.

    They've duly took it all back off me in one go (Thanks for that!) but this has been made worse by the fact that my GYH hasn't been restarted since I got back, so I'm owed a month and a half of it. (I came back and went away again almost immediately and have had no access to the internet or JPA so was unable to check until now)

    Can't get anything in advance as the person that deals with EPICs, etc, has gone on leave. The usual 'All the keys in one hand' scenario. So overdraft and daily charges it is then.

    Thanks for the help and advice and pointing out of typos, at least that made me smile!

  13. This may sound daft coming from an RN bod and my dealing with Army extended only to family services - but is it correct you have to pay accommodation charges in Kenya when you're married? Not stirring or anything, but I'm curious seeing that on there.
  14. He came back ... Middle of last month. And therefore re-started being due to pay accom. Although that didn't get processed into last month's pay, so he has 6/7 weeks to pay this month.

    And because the difference between +LOA + LSA - GYH is not significant, and no internet access, he didn't notice until this month's pay, - 1/2 LOA - 1/2 LSA and no GYH, hurt!
  15. Piece of advice - and don't let the clerks bull shit you - they can see a statement of earnings for you within 4 - 6 days from the start of the month. This IS NOT your final pay for the month, but it can give you and them a idea of what you are going to get paid depending on what they have put onto the system ie LOA/GYH/LSA starts. It is not goingto help you now - but for you and others who are doing courses etc it can possibly give you a heads up. Did try and look at the PS after saving but it is too distorted on my computer.
    Someone mentioned a EPIC - trust me they do not like to give them out - I know as I am a ex RN pay clerk!
    Good luck