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Going to Pirbright this month.

Just curious as to when you get paid? When I get leave at week 7 will I have two months pay in the bank or still just the one? I'm thinking of using my money to go skydiving and was just curious. Will I have 800 or 1600 in my bank at this point? (Assuming 100% savings, even though that isn't realistic)
ahhh. Interesting. I might stay and watch.
Generally, pay goes into your bank on the last 'working' day of the month (ie if the 31st is a bank holiday Monday, pay will be in your account at some point on the Friday). Two provisos here,
1. Depending on which bank you are with, your pay may go in two or three days earlier.
2. I have no idea what the arrangements are for new entries, and you may have completely separate arrangements.
if i was you i would try asking the recruiting office on that they should be able to give you a phone number at the very least if not furnish you with an up to date answer, also worth noteing is that you get paid in arears not in advance, with that pay arriving in the bank on the last working day of the month you have just worked.

Going back to when I went through basic, they gave you £60 a week cash in your hand up until the 7 week point.

You then got your first payment plus the extra they owed you and it came to about a grand.

Things might have changed since but I'm sure my mates that had gone through pirbright (I didn't) said they had a similar experience.
Thanks a lot for your help guys. Appreciated.
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