Pay Parade?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mennox, Jun 27, 2007.

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  1. Hey all,

    I am at Litchfield for my 1c in Sept and read something about a Pay Parade whilst down there....can anyone shed some light on this please

    Cheers :thumleft:
  2. It means you get paid cash while there.
  3. Cheers mate, but need a more elaborate answer

    Do you get paid the 2 weeks money while you are there rather then at end of month?
  4. Probably not, they'll give you a set amount of money which is supposed to be enough to see you through the course. It could be £100 or it could be close to your 2 week's worth of cash. It really depends. Nobody can really elaborate other than the people running the course. On annual camp last year the OTC people attached to us that nearly their entire lump sum payment for the two weeks, and we got €70 (about £40). It wasn't a drama for most of us, but some were left a little short.
  5. I heard pay parades were being binned with the advent of JPA
  6. Hope not, SC 07 is planning on 2 of them, not my problem, it's the kiddies who are, more than likey, going to tave to pay for their food come July 1st & ESS, who it will concern.
  7. that was the only parade i ever used to love doing..
  8. Ah, the pay parade. Marching up to 6ft table, Paymaster with Hat on, number rank name, check pace, produce pay-book from left-breast pocket, hand to pay sergeant who checks amount entitled to from list, paymaster enters amount in pay-book, stamps it, and counts out Beer-tokens less Barrack-Room damages. "Pay in Pay-book correct Sir", salute, smart turn to the right, and then 'brassic' by the end of the week!
  9. It's more march into a room, come to attention, name ,rank and number , sir, count your money (I got more than everyone else for some reason) , right turn and march off.

    On TA basic at least this is how I remember it. Nothing to worry about really, but we did get beasted the following morning because some people couldn't keep quite in the corridor.

  10. From what I have been told, there will be a Pay Parade at SC, purely due to the fact that the feckin JPA system isn't working for a load of us yet.. personally I have a feeling it will be a nightmare, but we will wait and see...
  11. 2 pay parades, 6th & 20th July seems to ring bells.
  12. End of the week???

    More like end of the day!!!
  13. Did a course at the end of April with no pay parade. :( Was informed by PSAO that it was due to the advent of JPA.

    Maybe because the pay is so cocked up, they are bringing them back? I remember the fear of not getting beer tokens due to crap salute...
  14. A pay parade is very similar to a pay bar. Like the drinks at the wedding of some slightly tight friends in some crap hotel, your co-ordinated marching movements will be free until around 10 o' clock when you start getting into it, after which you'll be paying way over the odds for every regulation pause and about turn that you have. Make sure you have plenty of cash, but don't let it fall out of your pockets on the halt.
  15. Not forgetting the two blokes who have been grabbed to perform the duties as as Pay Witnesses. If at the end of the day, money is short because someone has been overpaid. The Pay Witnesses may be asked to make up the shortfall.