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Just wondering if someone could offer advice. I was medically discharged from the Army last June, however I have since been trying to claim for my medical discharge compensation through PAX. Basically, PAX cannot pay out until they receive the correct documentation from the Army regarding my discharge and the documentation that has been sent to PAX from them so far is not adequate and when Pax have asked for this, the Army (Glasgow) say that it does not exist.

I have received the compensation from the Army for my injury.

I have telephoned Glasgow numerous times and have been passed from one department to the next saying its not us you need to talk to and have to-date got no-where. There seems to be some cock-up as to my discharge and no-one seems to want to take responsibility.

Where can I go from here.
Approach the body which PAX is a member of. You should then be told how to either make a complaint or get PAX to prove why the info, confirmed by this body, is inadequate.

Edited to add: Or Approach SSAFA or similar for assistance.
Hi Chelley,

Sorry if you feel you've been given the run around and apologies for not picking this one up earlier. I generally visit the PAX sticky fairly regularly, but less frequently check the wider forum.

Please pm your details (name and service number) and we'll do some digging. Notification of medical discharge and then your discharge docs should be sufficient, but there have been a number of changes to the paperwork the MoD provide of late.

Kind regards,


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