Pay our soldiers more

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ABrighter2006, Sep 14, 2008.

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  1. At the risk of the "dripping" accusation, saw this and figured that the bad news just keeps coming for HMG.

    The following by Brian Brady in The Independant on Sunday

    Any comparisons from previous surveys?

  2. But if soldiers get more pay...

    where do we find all the money for the doleys

    and one legged, blind, lesbian, welsh speaking, muslim, trans-sexual single mother, primary carer for her gay, deaf, Urdu speaking husband, 5 a day preaching, nappy advising youth outreach worker, ´who operate out of an OAP home?
  3. £10k a year extra to All Ranks. And to pay for it, tax the Poor on their Dole handouts. That way they'll all have to stop smoking, stop spending all day in the pub and walk instead of getting Taxi's. Not that I'm stereotyping dosser's, but that seems to paint a picture of all the ones I've seen.

    And that's £10k across the board, not over 3 years, not just to Privates, but to every fcuker.
  4. Very true, not saying it's wrong, but the Government has concentrated so much on operations overseas they are forgetting about troops who aren't. The biggest reason for most of the people I know who have signed off is because of the money, its not enough when your not on ops and with the cost of living in the UK rising, it's not going to get any easier.
  5. If Soliders are paid more....

    How will the MPs survive on their reduced saleries and expenses? How would the officers of parliment redecorate their offices and appartments? How would they afford huge second homes in London?
  6. Now, now. You're talking as if they were paying for it all. I doubt it'd worry them in the slightest.

  7. by introducing the 'burden uniformed members' fee (not a tax) or BUM for short. This way the anyone who is paid for wearing a uniform can be bummed for an extra 10k a year.
  8. And thenjust watch the public sector kick off.

    10 out of 10 for ambition though!
  9. It'll be the usual, decent pay rise for the 'poverty stricken' Ptes and 2Lts, the rest of us - 2.5%
  10. Where do you seriously expect any extra pay to come from? I suppose if enough people leave we could share out the wages they would have drawn. The treasury isn't going to magic up extra for the MOD (it would be a different story if the MOD was a bank that couldn't make decent financial decisions though)
  11. Wake up and smell the roses mate.....

    One avenue we could look at saving money....

    LONDON (Thomson Financial) - The UK's contribution to the European Union budget is set to double in the coming years, according to a study by independent think tank Global Vision.

    The study, based on recent estimates, says the UK will make net annual contributions of almost 6.5 bln stg in the years 2011 to 2013, double the average figure from 1997-2006, reflecting a smaller rebate and weaker receipts

    Another avenue.......

    Tunis, 27 November 2007 - The United Kingdom announced on Tuesday, 27 November 2007 that it is doubling its contribution to the 11th replenishment of the African Development Fund (ADF XI), the first shareholder to do so. The UK contribution will be £417 million, approximately US$ 863 million, and effectively twice the amount of its contribution from the previous replenishment.

    Douglas Alexander the UK International Development Secretary made the announcement whilst on a visit to Tanzania.

    There are lots of other ways but cannot be Arrsed googling anymore as I am watching James Bond
  12. But the government won't save money in any of those places its too busy trying to be a big player on the international stage when all we are now is the equal to a local amateur dramatics society playing panto. So where will they get the cash from? not much left to sell (How much could we get for Wales?)

    edited to add, I'd love some extra money though.
  13. *1* 1 in 4 only 25% say more pay not great support
    *2* less than 50% again not great support
  14. That's an easy one to deal with.... Stick all the whinging public sector cnuts on a jumbo and fly them out to Iraq for 3 months followed by another 3 months in Afghan. Then see if they have anything else to whinge about. Maybe shoot a few on the way out just to set the scene...
  15. Personally i think that joe public would rather that our soldiers have extra pay so that they can have a nice basic life . Than give their taxes to the m,p, and a.m for there second homes etc .