Pay on Termination Leave

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by amazing__lobster, Oct 5, 2005.

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  1. Hello all,

    Can anybody tell me whether it is right that I still have not been paid. My last day of service is the 8th of October, but I still have not been paid Septembers wage yet... kinda reminds me why I left in the first place. T*ssers


  2. PM me your army no and I'll check tomorrow what's happening.
  3. Taking you back a step lobster. When you left your unit you should have signed a form 1809 which informs APC Glasgow of where you want your final salary to go to. Also your admin office should have stopped your main pay wef 1 sep 05, therefore meaning that APC Glasgow will need to manually pay your Sep pay to the account you nominated on your 1809. Phone the APC helpdesk and explain your situation mate. I think the number is 0141 224 3600. Good luck
  4. The Manual process is actually meant to be quicker, as manual payments are paid to the bank every day, where as Computerised ones have to wait for Supplementary or Main pay runs. However you may have come a cropper of someone deciding to lump your Sep Pay with your last 8 days Oct pay (which they should not have, but they may well have), and so they will have had to wait until this month to proccess it. That said, they are usually very prompt at making final payments these days. If you get no joy elsewhere, PM me your details, I can check the mainframe and see whats happening/happened
  5. Thanks very much everyone for the replies, although I have now been paid!

    Luckly I had savings to live on. Although I still don't think its right that I did'nt get pain on Friday like verybody else/

    Thanks again,

  6. I can't believe this (well I can, thats why I left in the first place)!!! Today I got my red book... and its full of mistakes! So now I've got to arrse around with Glasgow to get driving licenses that I've never had taken off, and an Operational tour I done in 99 added on.

    What a crock of sh*ite. Although the vet badge was quite nice. Although I was'nt very impressed with the really faded photocopy of a thanks for turning up letter, cheers for that.

    And the funny thing is, I have got mates who have also had their red books f*cked up. So I know I'm not the only one.

    Ha, and I was asked to join OTC the other day!!! W*nkers.

    P*ssed off lobster

    PS. I know the red book thing would have been done by a uninterested civil servant at Glasgow.
  7. Your unit stop your pay not Glagsow, however they should have told you this and if needed offered you a interim cash payment which could have covered you till your final pay.
    3600 Enquiry service can help you, as long as you show as discharged. You just need to pray your unit sent in your 1809 and the muppets in final pay bothered to process it.

    As for the red book... I've dealt with Discharges in Glasgow, they are fcuking useless. Bunch of muppets in that section.
    They couldn't care less whether your book is right or if you get another job. I don't normally speak ill of Glasgow as I don't normally have an issue with them, but thats one section that really gripes my sh*te.

    If you don't get it sorted, pm me and I will try to help.. I know a few of the "good"guys in Glasgow (yes they are good, just few in numbers).


    ps.. they aren't even civil service now... they are privatised. Hopefully discharges will be getting the boot under JPA.